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  1. Phil

    Extra ticket, Friday only

    I also have an extra ticket. Like Patrick Lilly, the downside is you need to sit near me. It is also in section 116, but in row T. Seat 5. Friday only, there will be someone using it Sunday. I leave early tomorrow morning, so message me today if interested.
  2. Phil

    The curious case of the TN-AL streak

    I thought it was interesting that Tennessee has lost to Alabama four consecutive times so I thought I'd check into seeing if this constituted some sort of record. We will have to start by limiting review to the modern era, not because records don't exist but because Tennessee prior to 1972 was...
  3. Phil


    What's the deal with Belmont? The AP has them ranked, not even in the others receiving votes but 24th. They don't get a single vote in the coaches poll. I think the coaches are right. They've won something like 15 in a row but none of those wins are significant. There "best" win came back in...
  4. Phil

    #18 OSU vs Wisconsin

    OSU looked like they were headed for a blowout - up 22-6 in first quarter, but it was a one point game when I last looked. I think OSU will get it together, but they have been struggling more than they should. [edit] While I was typing, the Badgers took the lead. [edit] And while I was typing...
  5. Phil

    OT A fun read - MJ versus Brady

    Tom Brady vs. Michael Jordan for greatest GOAT: The scorecard
  6. Phil

    Indiana Maryland

    Indiana tied with MD at halftime. MD was beind by 3 with 3 seconds to go, so presumably hit a three in last seconds. I expect MD to asert itself in second half, but still a surprising result so far.
  7. Phil

    And then there were three...

    undefeated teams, that is.
  8. Phil

    Logo size

    I'm watching the WVU at Kansas game. Has anyone studied the growth in logo size? They seem to be getting bigger and bigger. Is there a school with a larger logo than Kansas?
  9. Phil

    RU Purdue

    RU just scored ten points - not in the quarter, but in the half. What happened?
  10. Phil

    New rules

    I was looking for something else and stumbled on this: 5-14.9.a.1, 2 5-14. 10.b.1, 2 65 65 To delete the requirement that when a team does not use a 30-second timeout in the first half, they lose a 30-second timeout. Rationale: Permits coaches to use timeouts as necessary and have additional...
  11. Phil


    The interesting thread about Mount Rushmore got me to thinking but didn't want to interrupt that discussion so I'm posting this in a new thread. We are in year 33 of the Auriemma era. Roughly halfway through is the year 2000, a year we would win yet another national championship and just prior...
  12. Phil

    Stat geeks

    I was working on something and wanted to look at the distribution of points scored per game per team as well as the overall average points scored. I also wanted to look at the distribution of points given up and the overall average. Obviously, by definition the averages must match. I used...
  13. Phil

    Jeff Jacobs and Paul Doyle, both longtime Connecticut sports journalists, have joined Hearst Connect

    Longtime state journalists Jacobs, Doyle join Hearst CT Media Group
  14. Phil

    Ranked games today

    18th ranked Villanova shouldn't have had much trouble with Providence, but they were down at the end of the first quarter, down at the half, still down at the end of three quarters, and needed a 22-11 final quarter to pull out a win. Even more surprising is the Green Bay Northern Kentucky game...
  15. Phil

    NCAA Stats

    If you paid attention to the NCAA team stats over the years, it is not unusual for UConn to be leading or near the top in a ridiculous number of categories. That wasn't the case in the first few weeks this year, but that's not because the UConn team isn't up to their lofty standards, it has been...
  16. Phil

    At Mattamy desk

  17. Phil

    Louisville AirForce

    Yes, Louisville won, but maybe they had Christmas on the mind? Favored to win by 52 (how often do you see a margin like that) and won by 12. Underperformed by 40.
  18. Phil

    OT ESPN president resigns

    Link Substance abuse cited.
  19. Phil

    OT UTEP vs East Carolina

    UTEP beat East Carolina 93-79, whch would be unremarkable, except it was an OT game (see the clever hint in the thread topic?) I tried looking up the record and failed. NCAA has all kinds of records, and many OT records, but I did not find largeest margin in an OT game. There was an NBA game...
  20. Phil

    a pleasant experience with a credit card company

    This is very off-topic, but I just had a positive experience with the credit card company and not so unusual I thought it was worth mentioning. I got an email this morning identifying a potentially fraudulent transaction on my credit card. It was. Normally, this would mean the ordinary boring...
  21. Phil

    AP Ranking updated thru 20 November

    No surprise, UCLA moved up - to #5 Slight surprise that MD did not budge after losing by 25, but I'll take that as an enormous measure of respect for UConn. When's the last time a ranked team dropped a game by 25 points and did not drop a spot? [edit] I see Oregon State lost to ND and did not...
  22. Phil

    Maya Article

    (In)Visibility Worth a read.
  23. Phil

    Photo at MSG

    Recognize anyone?
  24. Phil

    On this day, in wbb history

    Geno was born, in 1954
  25. Phil

    Woman looking for autograph at Temple game

    At the Temple game, a women asked me if I could arrange to get autograph for her mother, a long-time Huskies fan. I told her I thought it was going to be difficult because the team was planning to leave immediately after the game to fly home to catch the Super Bowl. However, I did get an...
  26. Phil

    What if

    While we have a long nine day wait until the next game, I decided to look at some of the history, to see how small changes might have changed the landscape. We can all think of buzzer beater shots that fell or failed, where a few inches or a small fraction of a second was the difference between...
  27. Phil

    Creme updated

    No change in the top 4 The only change in the top 8 is the replacement of Duke by WV as a 2 seed. He still includes 8 SEC teams which means three with losing conference records.
  28. Phil

    OT for math geeks

    I thought this was fascinating Frequency If you do not, you were warned. I found it astounding that there is a star rotating over 1000 times a second.
  29. Phil

    2015 regionals

    Sorry if I'm getting ahead of myself, but I was pleased to see the decision to return to neutral sites for the regionals in 2015. However, while Oklahoma doesn't play in OK City, it is 20 miles away, closer than Storrs is to Hartford. Will Oklahoma be permitted to play in that region?
  30. Phil

    Kudos for Dolson

    Obviously, Stewies game, which may have a special place in the record books, is the story of the day. And MoJet, with a career high in points, plus playing a full 40 minutes deserves a lot of praise. But I also want to point out that Dolson played 39 minutes. One minute of rest. It's often...
  31. Phil

    OT ND on fire today

    I checked their shooting percentages a few minutes ago, and they were shooting over 60%. I just checked the update, and it is up almost 5 points. Achonawa and Cable are both 3-6, and those are the two worst on the team (not counting those who haven't taken a shot)
  32. Phil


    First time this season the same player has led the team in points, rebounds and assists.
  33. Phil

    OT Snow, huh yeah What is it good for?

    Snow, huh yeah What is it good for? Absolutely nothing, oh hoh, oh Snow huh yeah What is it good for? Absolutely nothing, say it again y'all Snow, huh good God What is it good for? Absolutely nothing, listen to me I just finished plowing my driveway, took and hour and a half and it isn't...
  34. Phil

    Wllnett Crocket

    I had a nice chat with Wllnett Crocket before the game. She seems to be enjoying her position as assistant coach. I also said hello to Stacey Nasser, now director of basketball operations, and former UConn manager. Which means three of the five members of the Temple coaching staff have UConn...
  35. Phil

    Stewie, stewie, Stewie

    I cracked up when I read: Off-day conversation with Auriemma pays off for Stewart But to explain why, I have to set the stage: First, recall the old joke, "Ok enough about me, let's talk about you, what do you think about me?" After the game last night, I see Stewie in a small alcove surrounded...