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  1. ShakyTheMohel

    Micah Leon done for year?

    I guess it makes sense considering we haven't heard much about him.
  2. ShakyTheMohel

    Harbaugh vs, Fickell

    Anyone else following this? I read the article in The Athletic which seemed to be sympathetic to the player, but I don't think Harbaugh did anything wrong. Fickell agrees that Harbaugh said he wouldn't what is the issue? It feels like Fickell wanted a coaching fraternity hook up and...
  3. ShakyTheMohel

    The Loudest Voice (HBO)

    I was surprised there wasn’t a thread on this (unless I missed it). I had read the reviews, and most said it was a tour de force for Crowe, but not much else. And it didn’t really bring anything new to the table. Generally reviews were poor to meh. That being said, I am enjoying it so far...
  4. ShakyTheMohel

    Anyone pay for The Athletic?

    With football and basketball season coming up, I have been tempted to subscribe. Is it worth it?
  5. ShakyTheMohel

    Brown defense is like the triple option

    Good opponents will beat it. Give quality teams time to prepare and they can scheme against his aggressive style. Florida offense isn't great, but Mullen is a great offensive schemer. It's hard to change the DC when they have the statistically best defense, but it's going to be hard to win...
  6. ShakyTheMohel

    Houston fired their DC

    If Crocker survives leading the worst defense in the history of division 1 college football...there can be only one reason. Edsall made all the decisions and Crocker was just a facilitator. Edsall must be taking all the blame himself. As in...'i know xxx should play, but I want to go with my...
  7. ShakyTheMohel

    TAMU vs LSU is insane

    This game is crazy. 6th OT.
  8. ShakyTheMohel

    So.....that's over...

    First.....props to the fans who toughed out the last few games. It's one thing to live out of state and watch on TV, it's another to give up time and money to watch in person. It's hard to imagine this team getting significantly better by just getting older and bigger. This feels like a 5...
  9. ShakyTheMohel

    Rams and KC is fun to watch

    Rams up 47-44 in the fourth. Amazing how fast McVay turned the Rams around.... just saying ;)
  10. ShakyTheMohel

    I really want to see a DB get beat BECAUSE they turned around and looked for the ball.

    Just once. I don't know why teams don't go over the top on every play versus UConn DBs. They never....ever turn around.
  11. ShakyTheMohel

    UAB is 9-1

    Seriously.... didn't they not have a football program 5 years ago? Now that is a quick turnaround. People cite UCF as a quick turnaround, how about starting from scratch like that.
  12. ShakyTheMohel

    Anyone looking forward to the game tomorrow?

    I looked forward to last week's game because I wanted to see what they could do against a team that wasn't ranked. We saw that they could move the ball against inferior competition, but they can't stop anyone. I am somewhat dreading the game tomorrow. I think we will have something between...
  13. ShakyTheMohel

    Kiffin signs new deal with FAU

    Kiffin is one of the coaches I wanted UConn to look at. I know he is shady....and would likely leave quickly, but he is a creative offensive mind who brings attention to programs, he brings recruits and he can win. I am happy with RE...and he will bring the stability that the program...
  14. ShakyTheMohel

    How awful is Mack Brown?

    Seriously. How many mistakes can he make? ESPN fired how many people and this guy survived?
  15. ShakyTheMohel

    Alabama OLB Coach got a nice bump to $950k

    Wow...RE is getting $50k more than a guy who coaches OLBs.
  16. ShakyTheMohel

    When was the last time football and men's hoops were both this unwatchable?

    i finished the football season turning the games off at halftime. Same thing is happening now with hoops. Has there been a worse school year for both sports like this recently? I know we "still have Geno and the girls"....but it hasn't been fun lately to be a UConn fan.
  17. ShakyTheMohel

    Harbaugh to Rams rumors? I had heard rumors about this and just read this article about the Rams needing a high profile coach. I didn't know that Harbaugh wants to go back to the NFL. I thought the Michigan move was a long term thing. They are paying him more than what Saban gets...which is insane. If this...
  18. ShakyTheMohel

    Diaco's offense is so bad it is impacting the mens hoops team...

    Seriously...whenever I have had UConn football frustrations at least I took solace in the competence of UConn basketball. Watching part of that game last night was almost as bad as watching UConn versus Tulane in football. This is going to make me start watching women's hoops games. (no it won't).
  19. ShakyTheMohel

    Auburn OC

    This is the kind of coach UConn needs. A successful young offensive mind with major conference experience. With Benedicts Auburn roots, you would think he might be able to make this happen. Lashlee is young enough that he would take a HC job at a g5 school. And he wouldn't break the bank. How...
  20. ShakyTheMohel

    2 minutes in and I'm not sure I can watch anymore

    i can't believe they tried the Qb sneak again. How stupid do they think the ECU coaches are? Sigh.
  21. ShakyTheMohel

    Whaler's Weekly Wagers

    ok...we haven't had many discussions around non-UConn picks this season, but is anyone else surprised that BC is a 5.5 favorite over Cuse? I know it is at BC, but that atmosphere isn't exactly scary. I would have guessed the game as a pickem at best.
  22. ShakyTheMohel

    Fair to assume no tv for Spring Game?

    Disappointing for us out of town fans. I would be willing to pay to watch it on Huskyvision or wherever. When the new AD talks about fan engagement, this is a bit of a missed opportunity. Program ended last year with some buzz...would be great to continue it in the off season. We have to...
  23. ShakyTheMohel

    Hopefully we get a good practice update today....

    Because this board needs new topics. Really interested to read how the two deep is looking.
  24. ShakyTheMohel

    This just isn't fun to watch

    looooooooong Marshall drives where you hope they turn the ball over. Short offensive drives where you hope the team doesn't turn the ball over. UConn may win this game, but it really hasn't been a fun 3 quarters.
  25. ShakyTheMohel

    Pep band?

    Seeing the thread created by pepband99 made me think of something I have been meaning to ask....does UConn ever send a pep band to road football games? Don't most P5 schools do this? Will UConn full band travel to any road games this year? I know other schools usually have 1 or 2 games they...
  26. ShakyTheMohel

    Who ya got tonight?

    I really don't like Urban Meyer...and I find Ohio State fans to be pretty obnoxious..but...the guy is a big game coach. Every time I convince myself that a strong QB and system like Oregon will be hard to stop...and Ohio State has a QB with limited experience....I remember how Meyer dismantled...
  27. ShakyTheMohel

    Per Dez...Diaco wants to name starting QB by end of spring

    Not sure if anyone else noticed in the Foley swirl yesterday, but Dez also reported Diaco wants to name his starting QB by the end of spring practice. After the last few years of waiting until the last week of fall practice, it would be great if the QB was in place much earlier. To me...this...
  28. ShakyTheMohel

    Does Palatine post to win this week???

    His pre-season critical posts are just a tune up for his in season criticisms.
  29. ShakyTheMohel

    Warde is a brown Bill O'reilly.

    Anyone else see Anthony Mackie on Jimmy Fallon? Picked the Huskies to win and said he was buddies with our AD. We are still doomed.
  30. ShakyTheMohel

    Is this for real? Patterson talking to ND? "Notre Dame still has a staff opening since offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Chuck Martin left last month to become head...
  31. ShakyTheMohel

    O'brien leaves PSU

    What's next? Feels like Golden to PSU and Schiano to Miami.
  32. ShakyTheMohel

    What stage do you think we are in the coaching search?

    When I read about Washington already having front runners and their position has been open a week...and I haven't even heard about anyone interviewing at UConn and that position has been open 3 that because UConn already has it's plan and they are waiting for the season to end to...
  33. ShakyTheMohel

    BC tied with 1-8 New Mexico St with 9 mins left

    ...and Don Brown's defense has given up over 460 yrds. Just sayin....
  34. ShakyTheMohel

    Can we sue for being bullied by UCF?

  35. ShakyTheMohel

    It's tough waiting 9 months for football...

    ...only to have your team struggle and probably lose to a FCS team at home your first game. ....oh..and I am a Jets fan. Sigh.