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  1. UConnRock

    OC- Duke

    It is amazing how mediocre Duke is when they only have 3 first round draft picks playing vs. 4.
  2. UConnRock

    Tequila Shot Yes or No

    I say no. Will do a variety of shots but can’t stand Tequila.........or gin
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    Brimah on NBA TV

    Summer league game on NBA Tv
  4. UConnRock

    G-League Salary Increase

    They are bumping the minimum salary to $35k plus housing and insurance. Will be interesting to see if others follow Bazley down this path.
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    Everybody Loved/Justified our Recruits.....except Dan Hurley

    Why the angst about our three previous commits? Unless Hurley saw them as great fits in his system why should he lock up 3 scholarships for 4 years. It is all part of a coaching change. UConn hoops has not been part of a conventional coaching change in decades. Decommits and re-evaluation of...
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    Watching BC......

    ...put a nail in Syracuse's tournament hopes. Always a pleasurable sight. BC has disected the zone with great efficiency.
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    Coaching and Recruiting to a System

    Just check out Rick Barnes and Tennessee. Hired in 2015 and put together 2 recruiting classes that are literally a bunch of 3 stars. Projected as a 3 seed. Barnes has a desk on the floor of the gym and spends virtually no time in his office. He coaches and teaches. Amazing to watch them...
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    Bubble Teams we want to Lose

    Syracuse - 45 RPI, 51 Kenpom - now in 10th place in the ACC. Best wins Louisville, Miami, Buffalo?? Providence - 47 RPI, 69 Kenpom. Followed up win against Nova with losses to Butler (away) and Seton Hall (home). 6th in BE so may get a bid based on conference reputation. BE is truly a 4...
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    In Honor of Mike Patrick's Retirement

    Maybe he had it all together in his younger days, but for the last decade he had some brutal play-by play calls. His ACC basketball work and UNC/Duke infatuation was also very unappealing. Sadly, EPSN took him off the ACC and assigned him to the old BE for a few years. Mike Patrick has no...
  10. UConnRock

    Will Calhoun Get Involved

    He is the only one that could convince Ollie to walk away quietly without it costing the program millions. Calhoun can't feel good about watching what he built over decades being torn down in a few years. Although Ollie was his choice, will his pride in UConn get him to take action?
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    UConn Dodged a Bullet

    Jerry Kill has resigned as Rutger's OC due to health reasons. If Diaco would have taken AD Dave's recommendation and hired Kill as UConn's OC Diaco would likely have stayed as HC. We can thank Diaco for his stubborness and egotistical stand against AD Dave's idea. Kill would have put in his...
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    C Edsall’s Contract (...and Dad’s too) Updated Monday Afternoon

    With no word from the ethics board, does Corey’s contract w/ UConn end soon. What is the stud of this crazy situation?
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    Find a Way to Beat Oregon

    Beat Oregon and UConn gets #2 Michigan St. (assuming they beat DePaul). That would give UConn games against currently ranked opponents as follows: #2 MSU, #3 Arizona, #5 Villanova, #6 Wichita St (twice), #12 Cincinnati (twice). Need to find a way to win a couple of those games, but the SOS...
  14. UConnRock

    Samuel Still Around

    He is getting 33 minutes per game at USF averaging 12.3 ppg, 6 rebounds and 6 assists in their first 3 games. He is shooting 56% from the field and has actually made a few 3 pointers. 3-4 or 75% on 3's. There is no stat for # of dribbles per foot.
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    Lamb Meeting Expectations

    Jeremy Lamb has taken to the starting role in Charlotte and is averaging 17 pts 5 reb and 30+ minutes per game so far this season. He had his best game last night with 20/6/7. The fact that he is getting the minutes means that he has upped his defensive game also.
  16. UConnRock

    Drummond Free Throws

    10-12 or 83% in the first 4 games after making 16-20 (80%) in the pre-season vs 38% for his career.
  17. UConnRock

    UConn Football is Fun Again

    Wins will come, but at least I can enjoy the game and be proud of what is on the field.
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    Which is Better - Inept Offense or Inept Defense

    My argument is that it is easier to change and refine a defense than change and refine an offense. UConn has it's most productive offense in years and it seems to be growing and evolving from game-to-game. I would much rather have that than the inept offense we witnessed over the last 3 years...
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    Revised Schedule Outlook

    OK, find a way to beat UVA on the road and there is a chance that UConn could be 3-0 after getting ECU at home for the 3rd game on Sunday 9/24. The Sunday game makes a short week going to SMU which will be brutal. Assume best case after 4 weeks of 3-1, ok with 2-2. It is a crap shoot after...
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    Hamilton in D-League

    Hamilton has started out as a model of consistency. He has scored 14 points and had 9 rebounds in each of the first three games. Shooting almost 60% from the field and over 40% on 3s.
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    Who to Cheer for Tonight

    Davidson over VCU St. Joes over St. Bonaventure Seton Hall over Butler Creighton over Providence Oregon st. vs USC is essentially a do or die game for both as they are bith bubble teams
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    Jay Hayes ND DT

    Suspended for a game for criticizing his coaches on Twitter. Tweet said he will play out this year then transfer. I know I am being very K-tuckish but Hayes is from Brooklyyn, was recruited to ND by Diaco, and was "stunned by Diaco departure" but still stuck w/ ND. He is a true sophomore so...
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    RealTime RPI Ranking

    UConn moved up to #88 with the close road loss to Missouri. Now ahead of: Washington St (90), Wake (94), Rutgers (96), Colorado (103), Vandy (111) and Kansas (123)
  24. UConnRock

    Louisville Shows AAC Snubs by Committee

    2013-14 in AAC- louisville is reigning NCAA champion, goes 29-5 w/ losses to Memphis (2), Cincy, Kentucky, and UNC. All were ranked when the beat Louisville. Louisville also wins AAC tourney and are ranked #5 in the country. They are a #4 seed in the tourney. 2014-2015 in ACC - Louisville...
  25. UConnRock

    UNC & Wake to Play "Non-Conference"

    Two schools in different ACC divisions set up a home-and-home series. It will count as "non-conference". Saves on travel and keeps an old series alive. Not a bad idea.
  26. UConnRock

    Look What Vandy Has Done

    Derek Mason came in a HC this year and had a miserable year. They played multiple QBs, never really established an identity, and we're winless in conference while squeezing by UMass by 3, Charleston Southern by 1 and the only convincing wil was Old Dominion by 14. Even thought he was a 1st...
  27. UConnRock

    Best Early Signing Class in Years

    Why all the panic and pessimism. UConn has signed LOIs in the early signing period from a top 5 PG and a top 15 and rising PF. Without doing any research, I can't think of a better early signing period recruiting in recent years.
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    Smallwood cut by Falcons

    Hate to see this when the kid could have stayed in school and been a big part of Diaco's first year. Hopefully he catches on w/ another team or the practice squad.
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    Congrats to Smallwood and Stephen

    Two guys that gave their heart and soul to the UConn football program and made up proud even during some very down years. Both drafted in the NFL. They are the classic UConn recruits from areas that are not recruiting hotbeds (Smallwood from Worchester and Stephen from LI). The only other...
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    How Much Old BE/Exit Fee Money is keeping Uconn Afloat

    This is UConn's lifeline for a few years as we await another round of realignment. There is no way that any team could survive and compete w/ the AAC's tv contract. I know the Catholics paid out a good chunk of change, but UConn also gets it's own exit fee money as well as NCAA credits from...
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    I am Still Drinking the Same Beer

    This run to the championship has just taken over my once varied beer consumption habits. I picked up a six pack of Half Cycle IPA out of Indianapolis just before the St. Joes game. Thought is was appropriate as the NCAA HQ is in Indy and I could symbolically pi $ on Emmert during each game...
  32. UConnRock

    Anybody Notice the top NNNBE Game

    Villanova vs. Georgetown is on Fox Sports. The is the biggest NNNBE rivalry. The game has tons of 1980s history. It is why Fox made their big investment. I am curious whether this game gets higher ratings than the women's game on ESPN2.
  33. UConnRock

    We Just Need Some New Names

    All this handwringing over Weist, Day, Wholley, and others will end very quickly when we can get some new names to wrap our fanatic brains around. It will be interesting to see who a 40 year old can bring in at OC and DC. Pasqualoni had decades of contacts and ended up with an abject failure...
  34. UConnRock

    Have to Respect ND and Kelly

    I am sure Warde had to go through the same channels with ND to interview Diaco as he had to do with MSU to meet w/ Narduzzi. The difference being that the Narduzzi/MSU folks leaked and used the info to prop up Narduzzi. There were even quotes from Dantonio about whether he should be looking...
  35. UConnRock

    Team is Showing There is Talent

    This is a huge positive at so many different levels. The team is playing more like a "team" and is getting positive results. This can only help in the coaching search as the candidates can see that it is not a huge train wreck. There is nothing that can replace a winning feeling and it is...