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  1. Phil

    FIBAU17 Semis: USA v Hungary 1:30 EDT

    I tried conncting to ESPN+ but failed.
  2. Phil

    Extra ticket, Friday only

    I will be at the Sunday game. Last year was all SEC, will this year be all ACC?
  3. Phil

    Extra ticket, Friday only

    Nevermind, it has been taken. (If mods want to remove the post, that is fine)
  4. Phil

    1 Ticket Available for Final Four Games

    It looks to be like the rows are lettered, not numbered. Did you do the conversion, or does your ticket literally say row 3? (I have a ticket, just curious)
  5. Phil

    Extra ticket, Friday only

    I also have an extra ticket. Like Patrick Lilly, the downside is you need to sit near me. It is also in section 116, but in row T. Seat 5. Friday only, there will be someone using it Sunday. I leave early tomorrow morning, so message me today if interested.
  6. Phil

    3 Male Coaches in Final Four

    Assuming you want ratio to total, 39% are male. There are 349 Division I schools. 17 of the schools currently have a vacancy leaving 332 schools with a position. One minor complication is that Brooke Stoehr & Scott Stoehr are co-head coaches of Louisiana Tech, so the number of Division I...
  7. Phil

    Active Head Coaches / Final Four Appearances

    Yes, she coached for 38 years.
  8. Phil

    Active Head Coaches / Final Four Appearances

    That means Geno and Tara together have as many FF as the next nine combined.
  9. Phil

    UVA’s Boyle is retiring

    Not so fast. The UVA endowment fund is 69 million. While I did not find a recent value for USC, I think it is far smaller. Endowments | UVA – All In For Excellence
  10. Phil

    And so it begins: USA Today says the St. Francis blowout is bad for the sport

    There is a solution to the blowout problem which doesn't have the unfairness of limiting the field to 32 teams. Keep the field at 64 teams, and institute a double bye system. (Just like the old Big East Conferncen Tournament) It takes seven rounds by can be completed without major changes to...
  11. Phil

    Who do we want to be the #2 & #3 seeds in UConn's bracket?

    Oregon seems to be so wired for the west coast, I'm not sure why it makes sense to considier them. I prefer SC over Baylor.
  12. Phil

    Rankings next week - lots of ranked teams lost..

    Precisely. While it is likely that a computer based model predicting that A beats B and B beats C will predict that A beats C, under many circumstances, there are important exceptions. The likelihood might explain why people tend to think of computer based models as transitive, (although I have...
  13. Phil

    Rankings next week - lots of ranked teams lost..

    I agree. Massey has them at 29, which sounds about right. Solid 8 seed.
  14. Phil

    Rankings next week - lots of ranked teams lost..

    That's not an answer As an aside, computer models do not build transitivity into their models. What about your answer has anything to do with why the models are biased against mid-majors? As another aside, I do know something about models. I have built computer models of many thing, including...
  15. Phil

    Rankings next week - lots of ranked teams lost..

    Help me out here. In one post you say you like Massey (I agree). Massey has TN at #12, which is a three seed. Then you say Creme is "ridiculous" and you use as evidence that he has TN as a 3 seed. Are there two different people using your login? Edit to add: Massey has MD at #16. A four...
  16. Phil

    Has anybody heard or think that Sam Brunelle is leaning to ND?

    I see that the cream isn't rising, this discussion is curdling.
  17. Phil

    The curious case of the TN-AL streak

    I thought it was interesting that Tennessee has lost to Alabama four consecutive times so I thought I'd check into seeing if this constituted some sort of record. We will have to start by limiting review to the modern era, not because records don't exist but because Tennessee prior to 1972 was...
  18. Phil

    Rankings next week - lots of ranked teams lost..

    Sorry, I do see that you were predicting the AP top 25 not your own version of what should be the top 25. Gen.erally, I think the AP writers often do a decent job but I'm totally perplexed at why they have Belmont ranked so high. I don't have the data but I wonder if there's ever been that...
  19. Phil

    Rankings next week - lots of ranked teams lost..

    Oh please. Obviously a tiny smidgen of truth (and in theory potentially significant — don't get me started on climate models) but you can't just throw out this with our providing at least some hint as to how this would be done. Do you think the computer code literally keeps track of mid-majors...
  20. Phil

    Tennessee @ Missouri - 2/18/18

    Despite losing the last two games, they are still ranked by Massey at number 12. While that just barely a 3C seed that's a long way away from not hosting. They have two games left — at Florida and hosting South Carolina. The prediction for South Carolina is close to a coin flip but if they...
  21. Phil

    NCAA Tournament Automatic Bids

    The other caveat is no longer an issue. There was a time when some conferences did not have postseason tournaments. The Ivy League is the last one to institute a postseason tournament. Prior to that, the NCAA invitation would go to the regular-season champion. In other words, the NCAA invitation...
  22. Phil

    NCAA Tournament Automatic Bids

    The answer given is correct but it may be worth noting a comment on terminology. This should never be any confusion if one refers to the regular-season champion or the conference tournament champion, but they can be some confusion if you simply use the unqualified term "conference champion". My...
  23. Phil

    He’s heeeeeere...

    Crystal can get injured brushing her teeth. (That one cracked me up)
  24. Phil

    Rankings next week - lots of ranked teams lost..

    I occasionally hear that the human polls overlook the mid-majors, but I can't think of any reason why the computer polls would have such a bias.
  25. Phil

    Temple@UConn Photos

    Glad to see the practice team honored!
  26. Phil

    Rankings next week - lots of ranked teams lost..

    What has Belmont done to deserve a ranking at all, much less #20? Massey has them at #51, which sounds about right.
  27. Phil

    Tennessee @ Missouri - 2/18/18

    I think it is likely TN will host.
  28. Phil

    Tennessee @ Missouri - 2/18/18

    TN had more rebounds and fewer turnovers, so I assume they are happy with the result.
  29. Phil

    Oklahoma: Worst W-L record ever for an at-large team?

    No, they not rightfully reluctant. I understand they claim that's the reason, but it is trivial to overcome.
  30. Phil

    Who impressed you today?

  31. Phil

    Finally, Someone Remembers There Is A Game Sunday

    over 13k remembered - nice crowd
  32. Phil

    Kansas @ Baylor 2/17/18

    Baylor is on track to have the seventh best strength of schedule in the nation, so that means are only five potential teams they can play other than UConn. Stanford is one of those teams, nut given the loss to California I don't know whether you would call them hot. It doesn't matter, because...
  33. Phil

    Stanford @ California- 2/17/18

    Can you explain? I think he does a decent job, with occasional surprises.
  34. Phil

    Stanford @ California- 2/17/18

    Stanford seem like they're on a roll recently so this is a mild surprise. Charlie has them is a four seed but I assume he expected them to win this game as well as the games against the Washingtons. I think they still deserve a four seed and hosting for the first two rounds but they could've...