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  1. Blueballer

    Geno Out Sick Today per UCONN

    Chris to coach Auriemma to Miss UConn-Tulsa Game - University of Connecticut Athletics
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    TENN - AUBURN SEC Tourney

    Wow Auburn girl hit a half court shot at buzzer to put Auburn up by 3 at the half. Hope the 2nd half is this good!
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    A'ja Wilson right ankle injury

    Auburn vs. South Carolina - Game Recap - January 11, 2018 - ESPN Was anyone watching this game? How bad did it look? 16 seconds left. That's a drag.
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    UCONN Women 200 Games Over .500

    90 Consecutive wins Loss to Stanford 111 Consecutive wins since. Record in that stretch 201-1 OR 200 Games over .500 - Think about that. That is RIDICULOUS! What sports team has a record like that?
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    South Carolina - Florida State Game Thread

    I swear Wilson gets more calls and is allowed to foul with no calls more than any other player in the game.
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    Anybody else concerned about South Carolina?

    They're beating a team by 40 in the SWEET SIXTEEN. UCONN had a tough time today. I'd say South Carolina will win EVERYTHING very easily. Let's just give them the Trophy right now. The rest of this Tournament is a waste of time!!! I'm worried sick. God help us. We're doomed. (This post brought...
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    GENO Presser today (Wears Quinnipiac T Shirt)

    Geno is doing his day before press conference and he’s wearing a Quinnipiac T Shirt. Talking about he’s glad UCONN doesn’t have to play them! Walking out he made fun of how Landers pronounced it!!! Video was available on UCONN Husky Live facebook feed. Will be posted shortly.
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    No UCONN/TULSA game on TV Saturday Only ESPN3?

    Is that correct? It seems like we go through this every year with that first Conference Tournament game. Like it would kill ESPN and the American Conf. to allow SNY to broadcast this game! I can get ESPN 3 but it's nowhere near as clean or enjoyable a viewing experience. And I know a lot of...
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    Diana Suspended again (Too many T's)

    I guess Diana is not likely to ever calm down if it hasn't happened by now (LOL). She's a tiger out there. The T that sent her over the limit was against Dolson of all people! It only took Diana Taurasi 22 games to get suspended for too many Ts again
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    Breanna Stewart Wins ESPY for Best Female Athlete

    Congrats to Stewie for winning this on the ESPY awards tonight.
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    POLL: What kind of UCONN Women's Basketball fan are you?

    As a Boston Red Sox fan since 1967 I've been surrounded MOST of my life by the philosophy of "Wait Til Next Year" being spun in a positive light. So you'll forgive me if I don't understand the concept of "Wait Til Next Year" being a lament to forego the good times and embrace the bottomless pit...
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    Tiffany Mitchell taken off-court during KY game

    Hope she's OK. I saw it , it was a hard landing on her lower back. She was called for a charge on the play. She was down on the court for several minutes before being helped off...
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    Maria Taylor on SEC Network says SC is #1 team in nation

    Maybe I missed something, is there a poll where SC got voted #1?? I was watching that whip around coverage on the SEC Network tonight and Maria Taylor in the studio with Fortner & Landers. said: "And our last game of the night, South Carolina at Vanderbilt. Let's get it out to Nashville and the...
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    The case for FSU being the best team we've played.

    Even though we've had closer games, those were in large part to the opposition shooting out of their minds. This FSU team has athletic quick players who rebound VERY well. Their success is not reliant on shooting a high number of 3's against even the best teams to be competitive. I think they...
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    UCONN parade in Hartford set for Sunday 4-12-15

    Here's the link:
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    Lyles Face Slapper

    Wow I missed a lot of the game and tuned in for the last 4 minutes. Just saw some replays and saw the face slap KY's Lyles administered. You mean they DID NOT call a flagrant foul on that??? You must be kidding.
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    ESPN Clueless Year in and year out OR "How to Broadcast Sports"

    EVERY year we complain and every year they just don't listen (Or more accurately care). Does ESPN really think we want to watch KY blow somebody out because they are in our region? Can we see a competitive game please? You know what they'll say - "Go to ESPN 3 and pick a game". How...
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    OTHER American Semi - USF - Tulane

    Tulane ties it near the end! What the heck is USF doing? They seem so bored with this game. Compared with the energy they played with against us they appear to be sleep walking.
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    Hartford Women beat Maine to reach Am. East Champ. Game

    Nice win for Jen's girls over favored Maine today to reach the America East Championship Game. 65-54. Championship Game will be played Friday either against Albany in NY or against UMBC in Hartford. That other semifinal game starts shortly.
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    UCONN at Memphis Game Thread 2-7

    Where is everybody? Slow start to this one 6-2 UCONN early. Very sloppy by both teams.
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    Tufts Loses in Division III Final Four

    I'm sorry if this was posted but I searched and couldn't find it. Carla Berube's team lost in the Final Four. The last games were Saturday. Quite a spectacular year for the JUMBO's. Congrats to them. Here is the Link...
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    Baylor vs W. Kentucky (2-15 Seeds)

    Is it just me or do Peck and Ward seem unimpressed that a 15 seed is still hanging with a 2 in the second half? In fact if you just listened to them talk and didn't know the score you might think Baylor was winning this in a blowout. Amazing lack of respect for W.KY
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    ESPN Pre-game show

    ESPN is up to their old tricks. Good thing Stewie can't see this pre-game show. You'd think it was her versus Louisville. She would probably freakout. They latch onto someone and they run with it. There always has to be a "star" and a supporting cast with them. Lawson seems to be trying to...
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    OT : Roger Ebert passes away

    RIP Roger It was just announced his cancer had returned, but he obviously didn't last long. A great movie critic. LINK
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    Wow - 2 Milestones in one game

    I'm curious if anyone remembers UCONN having 2 players reach milestones in the same game? Today both Kelly and KML made it to the 1,000 point mark. And Kelly got 500 assists. Maybe it's happened before but I don't remember it. Anyone with a better memory than me?
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    CT Sun To Name New Coach

    Don't know about this: Anne Donovan. LINK
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    Interesting results in Final 4 Tourney Team Vote

    "Sims and Williams joined Griner on the all-tournament team, along with Notre Dame's Diggins and Stanford's Nneka Ogwumike." My question is - Does this encompass the entire Tournament , or just the Final Four? Because Nneka certainly had no better a line than Stef: Stanford: N. Ogwumike 22...
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    Kim Barnes Arico on WFAN (Francesa)

    She's being interviewed by Mike right now (3:10 EST). Glad she and her program are enjoying some attention. On the flip side as many of you know Francesa hardly EVER has any coverage of WCBB. So of course a NY team beating us is HUGE news. She's giving a lot of credit to Geno for being...