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    Hurley quote on 2020 late signing period

    I want Cam Thomas, Big Cliff, a talented reclass, or high impact grad transfer. Need at least 1 from that list.
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    Hurley Message to Fan Base

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    Boneyard Weekly Pick 'Em - Week 12 (Nov 16)

    Florida Texas Tech Tulane Notre Dame Georgia VT Texas Minnesota NC State Oregon St
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    Gavitt Games

    Why aren't Xavier and St. John's playing in it?
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    When was the last big home win? Your favorite home win?

    Villanova in 2011 was a unbelieveable atmosphere. Syracuse in 2012 was at gampel was a madhouse too... but that game didn’t end so well.
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    Highlight of the Night

    The obvious improvement and development of our returning guys. Completely forgot what that was like the last few years. Every returner looks to have improved.
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    Looking good for Javonte

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    Predicting 19-20 most improved

    Brendan Adams
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    Boneyard Weekly Pick 'Em - week 11(Sat. Nov 9)

    Minnesota TCU FSU Stanford Alabama Texas Wake Forest Arizona St Wisconsin ND
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    What an absolute joke

    Meanwhile, our win against UMass that was supposed to be progress looks even worse with Liberty up 49-14 at halftime and has 502 yards IN THE FIRST HALF alone. How can anyone feel good about this team right now?
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    Overmatched, But...

    Looking forward to the day when we can stop with the moral victories in 30+ point blowouts.
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    Ranking the best and worst non-conference schedules

    If UConn had 1 more road game they’d be much higher on this list
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    Highlights v. Saint Michael's

    I wouldn't be surprised if this is the last open scrimmage we have during Hurley's tenure. He likes the closed scrimmages against D1 opponents, and he was very obviously holding back in terms of half court sets. He made comments after the game saying "Thank god that is over".
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    OT: Visiting Campus

    Northeastern was my number 1 school. Great school but admissions are extremely difficult. I didn't get in, but still enjoy going up to Mathews to watch UConn Hockey games
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    Chief’s Brief’s

    Exhibition briefs are not for the eyes of casual fans.
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    Richie Springs Academic Redshirt

    My guess would be it's due to: 1. He's very young still. 2. Whaley has carved out the role of the backup 5 man to Carlton. 3. Polley and Akok playing better than anticipated.
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    Game Week - UConn v. Navy (11/1/19 @ 8p on ESPN2)

    Could be the last time we play Navy for a long time... They have 3 out of 4 OOC games every year built in (Army, Air Force, and Notre Dame) and the 4th is usually an FCS.
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    Flex Packs and Single Game Tickets on sale Friday (10/25)

    Only 37 tickets left for Florida, all single seats
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    Donovan Williams red shirt year?

    This is a situation where the use of the new rule would be outstanding
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    Boneyard Weekly Pick ‘Em - week 10 (Nov 2)

    Nebraska Syracuse Georgia Kansas Florida State Oklahoma State Washington SMU UNC Oregon
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    Independent Scheduling

    a one off would be fine, but no H and H’s with Umass
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    Independent Scheduling

    UMass every year in football = Great UMass any year in basketball = Bad
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    Future Scheduling Nugget

    unless it’s a one off Home game, I would be stunned to see it
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    Flex Packs and Single Game Tickets on sale Friday (10/25)

    Only 117 Tickets left for Florida. Most of them are single seats.
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    OT: Seton Hall OOC

    What an awesome slate! Their fans must be very excited. Great Team, Great Schedule, Powell returning to school. 18 Big East Games plus 8 High Major games.
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    Houston’s Grimes Ruled Eligible For 2019-20

    Looking forward to King Jelly Fam vs Jelly Fam Sid
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    And the 9 games for 2020 so far are...

    Only thing I wish is that we knew what the agreements were. Are they all one-off's for now? H and H? 2 for 1? etc
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    Independent Scheduling

    Was just about to post this. Has to be us.
  30. Wordbomar

    Javonte Brown-Ferguson on campus already

    Not really the same though because Tuck had won 4 national titles. Gilbert would have opportunity to be the alpha dog on a top 15 team next season, and to cement a legacy. Tuck's story was already written.
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    Javonte Brown-Ferguson on campus already

    This is the same stuff they said about Purvis. Not saying you're wrong because I'm inclined to agree with you, but I would hope Hurley can give him a good recruiting pitch in the spring to stay to lead us into the Big East.
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    OT: Kansas and Mizzou Announce Series

    Gives me hope that we could hopefully get a series with the Cuse for Home and Homes someday again.
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    Javonte Brown-Ferguson on campus already

    Which is exactly what people on this board were begging Ollie to hone in on the last two years of his tenure. I love how Hurley has a plan and is just killing it.