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  1. Blueballer

    ESPN: Holly Warlick says Geno Auriemma's criticism of Lady Vols 'not fair'

    You apparently didn't notice we are playing each other again this season. This is classic Geno. He's done it with Duke and Notre Dame. This is a perfect tactic to focus the opposition's ire on him instead of his players.
  2. Blueballer

    Michigan St (16) @ Notre Dame (15) - 11/14/19

    Awesome job by Mich St. keeping their composure through all that.
  3. Blueballer

    Michigan St (16) @ Notre Dame (15) - 11/14/19

    31 Free Throws to 10. What a disgrace. MS just got fouled twice with no call.
  4. Blueballer

    Michigan St (16) @ Notre Dame (15) - 11/14/19

    Why doesn't Antonelli just wear a ND hat while she's doing the game?
  5. Blueballer

    Michigan St (16) @ Notre Dame (15) - 11/14/19

    Refs still working real hard to give ND a chance in this game. Incredible.
  6. Blueballer

    Michigan St (16) @ Notre Dame (15) - 11/14/19

    I was just checking that too. Just another typical ND game.
  7. Blueballer

    South Carolina (8) @ Maryland (4) - 11/10/19

    She is, but with all these minutes in her first game against a ranked opponent , Staley is riding her like an over worked horse.
  8. Blueballer

    South Carolina (8) @ Maryland (4) - 11/10/19

    I wish we were able to get Boston. We tried. Oh well.
  9. Blueballer

    Anyone listen to Geno post game presser?

    And what he said about CD not giving Linda her phone number during recruiting. The only person CD didn't give her number to because Miles never stopped talking! Funny stuff.
  10. Blueballer

    Sun v. Mystics - The Final

    I agree. Not a Tolliver fan but everyone else on that team is good people. Especially happy for Mike T. He's been toiling a long time on the sidelines. CT played a tough series.
  11. Blueballer

    Sun v. Mystics - The Final

    What a GREAT game!!
  12. Blueballer

    WNBA - Sparks recriminations

    Ogwumike and Parker trying to run the team. No it can't be. :rolleyes:
  13. Blueballer

    September 2019 WNBA Discussions, scores, game info, pictures

    Good so far. Hoping for the CT - Wash. Final
  14. Blueballer

    September 2019 WNBA Discussions, scores, game info, pictures

    It kills me when these players complain to the refs. When I watch the games and just laugh at how physical it is now. It's gotten ridiculous. Why bother having refs? They are all killing each other on the court all the time without calls. The escalation of physicality has just turned me off to...
  15. Blueballer

    September 2019 WNBA Discussions, scores, game info, pictures

    Even though the score has been close it just doesn't feel like Phoenix has a chance in this game.
  16. Blueballer

    September 2019 WNBA Discussions, scores, game info, pictures

    Did they say WHY Taurasi isn't playing? Just hasn't made enough progress or did she teak something again?
  17. Blueballer

    KLS's Mom Calls out Sky Management

    Yes, or perhaps they actually talk on the phone (Remember that? Some people may still do it. )
  18. Blueballer

    WNBA players have spoken: Taurasi is the GOAT

    Did the poll specify if "Picking to start a team" encompassed "All time" or just right now? That's the key to me. But I don't think I could go with DD in any case because of the ocassional flare-up of the lyme disease and other injury history. On average she misses too many games in the course...
  19. Blueballer

    DT Is Around And Talking!!

    Lot easier to go to Providence financially, that's for sure. And on the men's side that a local rivalry that's always been good.
  20. Blueballer

    Rapinoe and Bird: America's Ultimate Sports Power Couple

    If she keeps making clutch kicks that could change. She isn't a flashy "skills" player with great speed but she sure knows where to kick the ball. Otherwise she wouldnt be chosen to kick in key spots.
  21. Blueballer

    Right now, Geno is a guest analyst in the Seattle-Sun game on ABC

    I love seeing his interaction with current and former players. Great stuff!
  22. Blueballer

    Muffet continues her anti-Geno smear campaign

    I never thought Muffett had such a huge chip on her shoulder. I can't help but think it gets in the way of her enjoyment of life. Too bad.
  23. Blueballer

    Collier in Minnesota

    No doubt the Sparks were aware of all this yet they signed her anyway. Inexcusable.
  24. Blueballer


    Diana is way past caring how she "Looks" to anybody. Other than her performance on the court.
  25. Blueballer

    Sue Bird knee injury (possibly out for the season)

    What a drag for Sue and Seattle :(
  26. Blueballer

    Mimi is next?

    This is GOLD!
  27. Blueballer

    Westbrook to Uconn [merged thread]

    Well this is unchartered territory. We've gotten a recruit from the State of TENN but never a transfer from UT. Time will tell how this works out.
  28. Blueballer

    Mikayla Coombs to Georgia [merged thread]

    Best of luck to her in Georgia.
  29. Blueballer

    2019 WNBA Draft

    Me too. Watching Gulich last year I thought she had nice skills. Wonder if there is a language barrier or other chemistry issue.
  30. Blueballer

    2019 WNBA Draft

    What's the knock on her? Slow?
  31. Blueballer

    Paige Bueckers to UConn

    First of all a lot can happen before they actually get here, and when they do I think they can be a dual interchangeable threat. Ball handling heaven for the Huskies!