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    Haiku for UConn vs Sacred Heart

    Bigger and stronger Akok and some more talent Take care of business
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    Same Old Syracuse

    They are trying to get people excited about the ACC network. None of the games were on ESPN or ESPN2. I am sure Boeheim was very happy about the scheduling.
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    OT: Cole Anthony might be good

    Wow, he scored 34 points. The same number that Syracuse scored in their home opener against UVA.
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    UConn in the NBA, 2019/20

    Bazz' shooting has struggled, but he is getting 22 minutes per game with a great assist to turnover ratio (4.5/2) and also grabbing a few rebounds. When he gets his shooting numbers back to historical levels he could be a 10 pt, 5 assist
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    OT: Im headed to the Grand Canyon. What would you suggest i see there?

    I think Bobby and Cindy Brady may still be looking for that Native American kid. Pack some hotdogs in your flashlight and see if you can find them
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    OT: Visiting Campus

    My son is a freshman at Northeastern. being from Tennessee likely helped, but NEU sells 2 things 1) the co-ops and 2) a decent amount of merit money spread across a large student population as opposed to other schools that focus full ride merit on a few students.
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    OT: Visiting Campus

    Avoid College confidential!! I cannot say that any stronger. It is a brutal commentary board that makes all students and parents feel inferior. Geography can be a pro or con. Southern schools hand out a ton of scholarships to northern kids as they want geographic diversity. The problem is...
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    OT: Visiting Campus has been useful for me in evaluating/comparing schools. They have a nice breakdown where each school ranks in various categories including fields of study.
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    Richie Springs Academic Redshirt

    The Whaley we saw last night softens this a bit. The loss of another scholarship player this year make the avoidance of injury a necessity.
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    OT: Visiting Campus

    Check out Northeastern while there. Nicer campus environment than BU and in same area. We checked out BC. Thought it was nice, but little chance for merit scholarships. Son did not like that there was no guarantee that you won’t be housed on the law school campus as a freshman and have to...
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    OT: Visiting Campus

    The elite schools and some a bit below the elite level offer little or no merit aid. The top schools are also very focused on diversity goals. That leaves a massive number of very smart kids to, for lack of a better term, filter down to the next level private, top liberal arts and top publics...
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    OT: Visiting Campus

    Just went through the college process with my son last year. He is now a freshman at Northeastern. The campus visits started to be a drag by the end. We got so sick of hearing about the "holistic review" of applications and all the other canned admissions boxes that all seemed to be checking...
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    College Gameday Going To Memphis v SMU Saturday

    Beale street and Albany Ave almost synonymous
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    And the 9 games for 2020 so far are...

    MTSU will not be a very attractive or lucrative home game (probably the equivalent of Tulsa), but the benefits of the Ole Miss game from the perspective of the fan base and recruiting far outweighs the any costs. Seems the focus of Benedict's wheeling and dealing was to get additional P5 games...
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    And the 9 games for 2020 so far are...

    So no buy games in 2020, but this is offset by what appears to be 7 home games vs. the traditional 6, so one less travel date and associated expenses. We can speculate all we want about the remaining 3 games, but as shown by the released schedule, things may not be as clear as speculated.
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    And the 9 games for 2020 so far are...

    The teams that are not on the 2020 are of interest. Benedict was able to pull together a quality schedule without any deals with the AAC teams (hope Aresco is not mad), no MAC teams, only 1 FCS game (Maine), and only 1 long trip to a G5 game (San Jose St.). And it doesn't suck to go to San...
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    And the 9 games for 2020 so far are...

    A couple of ancillary points: 1) no help from Fox in 2020 with B-12 connections. The deal could just be 100% hoops. 2) The financial element is also in play here. Where does a quality football schedule take potential TV negotiations with SNY?
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    And the 9 games for 2020 so far are...

    Virginia's schedule for 2020 in "full". They will have to reschedule the Nov. 7 game with Liberty or the Nov. 21 Game with Old Dominion. I would suspect that OD may show up on a UConn schedule in future years as part of this deal. I also suspect there will be a future deal with MTSU for...
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    And the 9 games for 2020 so far are...

    This is a key sentence: What is being worked on for 2021 looks better than 2020. And further into the future, what actually becomes the increasingly easy part is scheduling attractive games. The 2020 schedule, which is the supposed low point in independent scheduling, is a couple of steps up...
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    2021 Recruiting: Hunter Sallis

    Can drive at 14 in Nebraska. He will have more experience. Let’s get him !!
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    Independent Scheduling

    An AD can always get away games. Filling the home schedule with opponents that excite the fan base is the primary challenge. It is good that news is starting to trickle out.
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    All day wide open receivers behind the defense.

    Z has a feel for the pocket and the ability to hit secondary and tertiary receivers. Those two things are two of the primary non-teachable skills that make for a good QB. 44 pass attempts and 0 sacks is both a good o-line performance, but also a QB with a feel for the game. Promising future...
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    All day wide open receivers behind the defense.

    Experience impacts accuracy. For young qbs a lot of “it” is having the game slow down and not letting adrenaline and the situation impact the throws. The missed TD to Rose is the perfect example. A calm, more experienced qb simply drops that in and it is a TD.
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    Javonte Brown-Ferguson on campus already

    Just is raining in Lawrence, Kansas on Saturday and sunny in Storrs. Meant to be?
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    Javonte Brown-Ferguson Reclass?

    Muscadin committed to Kansas. Does Javonte Brown Ferguson believe Self's statement that he needs 2 big men or does Javonte Brown Ferguson want to be the only big in UConn's class? Objectively, the UConn situation seems more enticing with Carlton being a Junior. Kansas has the Muscadin commit and David McCormack, a top 40 guy...
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    UConn in the NFL

    Also in the Jets Game Fatukasi played 32 snaps and had 4 tackles. Earning more PT in his 2nd year
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    2020 Recruiting: Dylan Cardwell

    If Rick Barnes wants him then he will probably get him. Barnes and Tennessee are on a roll. This is not good news.
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    What's Your Most Depressing Game in Past Few Years?

    This is totally in retrospect and is based on what happened to the program after this game, but a very depressing game that I saw live was at Vanderbilt in 2011. It was Pasqualoni's 1st year. There was so much UConn talent on the field and it was a winnable game. It was very apparent that the...
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    Hurley quotes at Middlesex C o C Event

    Is there a chance to redshirt Springs and let him full grow and develop before hitting the court?
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    2020 Recruiting: Cam Thomas

    It is called "making one-and-done fun".......little or no class work, crazy fun campus, and get away from the winter weather. It is an 10 month vacation for them. Show up in June, play some hoops and party until March.
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    Another reason why Andre Jackson chose UConn

    Family from Mineville and Lyon Mountain.
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    Another reason why Andre Jackson chose UConn

    Amsterdam, Ilion, Frankfort, Little Falls and many others.......they are one in the same. Old mill towns that try so hard to hold onto their past and hope for the magic of an Amazon distribution center of other corporate injection that would take advantage of their low salary requirements. The...
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    Which is More Epic - Kasongoed or Cardwelled?

    I feel like we haven't been oficially Cardwelled yet, so I went with Kasongoed. Was it Cardwell's idea to delay or Hurley's? Is Uconn waiting for reaction to Ferguson's visit to Kansas? Too many unknowns to be fully Cardwelled.
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    2020 Recruiting: Dylan Cardwell OV

    Cardwell is a 4 year player. No harm in solidifying the position on the long term and then going for bigger fish. Cardwell brings an attitude that UConn bigs need. I am sure is is a part of Hurley’s attraction to him