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  1. J

    UConn Alum, Sarah Thomas, 4 Straight English Channel Swims!!

    That water is cold too
  2. J

    FIBA World Cup

    Who is brodcasting these games?
  3. J

    OT: What’s the biggest hardo thing you do out of principal?

    I am like Will Ferril in the coffee shop scene from the movie Kicking and Screaming. When I need my coffee, get the frig out of my way!
  4. J

    OT: What’s the biggest hardo thing you do out of principal?

    I am on a critical mission and people get in my way.
  5. J

    Martha’s Vineyard boating

    Modern catamarans can pitch pole and flip.
  6. J

    Martha’s Vineyard boating

    Plenty of people have sailed boats that size across the Atlantic/Pacific.
  7. J

    Speeding Ticket(s) in Italy

    lol, blow those tickets off. Let us know if and when anything happens as a result.
  8. J

    Andrew Luck Retires

    The guy made some good money and now wants to retire and enjoy life at 29?? Good for him.
  9. J

    OT: Favorite Restaurant in San Fran

    If you want to spend a bunch of money, go to the Waterbar.
  10. J

    OT: Favorite Restaurant in San Fran

    Pier 23 for happy hour
  11. J

    NCAA March Madness Team of the Decade

    LOL at that UCLA lineup
  12. J

    Nike Payouts - UK

    Cal doing what Cal does best, fleecing BBN. Put a bunch of kids in the NBA and not win titles for 6 million a year.
  13. J

    OT: Anyone here ever treated for Lyme Disease?

    Another reason I am glad I left CT years ago.
  14. J

    The boys are lookin swole

    Expect great things from Sid this year.
  15. J

    OT: Jet lag help

    Lay down and count sheep
  16. J

    OT: Kitchen Renovation

    Other than the color and style of tile, the installation looks great.
  17. J

    OT: Your favorite youtube channels

    I like to sail, so sailing videos, especially of solo sailors sailing across oceans
  18. J

    Great Falls Brewing North Canaan, CT.- Idahohusky

    that's my old stomping ground, very cool place
  19. J

    OT: Shellfish

    I had an amazing shell fish dinner recently while in Scotland. All of the fish from the north sea. Scallops, linguistne, lobster, clams, amazing quality.
  20. J

    $17m early buyout agreement per Blaud

    For 17million we should be out NOW!
  21. J

    Africa Safari

    Yup, my son and I saw that too. The tree of life! "a bugs life" was fun too
  22. J

    OT: British Open

    Yup, pretty anticlimatic
  23. J

    OT: British Open

    Fleetwood could have put pressure on Lowry early, but he could not make a putt.
  24. J

    Africa Safari

    I have been to the zoo a few times, especially like the monkey cage.
  25. J

    OT: British Open

    christ, how many eagle putts will fleetwood leave short??
  26. J

    OT: British Open

    Lowry can start drinking early, he is not losing this.
  27. J

    Cornhole at Mohegan sun on ESPN

    I like throwing horseshoes better.
  28. J

    OT: British Open

    Wonder who comes in second??
  29. J

    Cornhole at Mohegan sun on ESPN

    pretty soon the "snowflakes" will want the name changed.
  30. J

    OT: British Open

    Hope the weather is ugly tomorrow
  31. J

    Cornhole at Mohegan sun on ESPN

    Only if free with beer
  32. J

    OT: Heat vs Cold

    Heat and humidity just wear you out. Cold you can layer and adjust easier.
  33. J

    OT: British Open

    Koepka needs to make some putts if he wants to keep pace with the leaders.
  34. J

    OT: British Open

    Yes, but I don't think Ricky has the sand to actually win a major.