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  1. MilliniumPrince

    How would you regulate paying college athletes?

    Yet you keep replying to me.
  2. MilliniumPrince

    How would you regulate paying college athletes?

    Because you seemit so? Lol great. When you show me a debate team with multi-million dollar apparel deals and defeats featured in primetime, let me know. Athletes generate billions without getting a dime. So I guess Socialism is accepted in the U.S.
  3. MilliniumPrince

    How would you regulate paying college athletes?

    Yes, but they aren't the foundation of multi-billion dollar tv contracts and apparel deals. That does not mention the increased profile athletes provide that those other young people do not. Do you remember UConn's National Profile before Jim Calhoun? They are also young people who are allowed...
  4. MilliniumPrince

    How would you regulate paying college athletes?

    The basic argument against paying athletes is "my college won't be able to compete". In other words, I am fine with taking advantage of young people as long as it leads to my entertainment. The next level argument: Students will only go to the schools with the most money. Apparently, there...
  5. MilliniumPrince

    Is Greg Popovich overrated?

    This thread right here.....DAMN!!
  6. MilliniumPrince

    Boneyard Weekly Pick 'Em - week 3 (Sept 14)

    West Virginia Maryland Colorado UCF USCw Iowa Florida Duke TCU Texas Tech
  7. MilliniumPrince

    Biggest sports annoyances

    Not quite like Boston fans. Let me add, people who prematurely say a sport is dead. Boxing is dead, until you realize Boxing is still killing it in PPV dollars. Baseball is dead because it takes too long. Accept 75% of the League sets or ties their gate record year after year, and regional tv...
  8. MilliniumPrince

    Should we call our QB. Jay-Z?

    I say we call him a young talented kid who shouldn't be saddled with expectations or nicknames until he has a chance to grow. Admittedly, It will he hard to fit that on hit Twitter page.
  9. MilliniumPrince

    Biggest sports annoyances

    People who say "RBIs" Boston Fans....they can gloat about winning and whine about losing at the same time. Flopping Regular season hockey Duke Vitale People who think Jordan will always be the GOAT The weird floor/field level camera angle networks will sometimes switch to for no damned...
  10. MilliniumPrince

    Amusement Park and Rides

    1) Universal Orlando 2) Busch Gardens Williamsburg 3) Busch Gardens Tampa 4) Epcot Coasters make life better.
  11. MilliniumPrince

    Deepest Condolences

    That had to be a tough day for Coach and his family.
  12. MilliniumPrince

    I know I know they are no moral victories...

    There are no moral victories. But real is real, and we really would have lost that game by 60 last year. Who starts at QB next week? Kid threw 2 picks, but considering the situation, I don't see how you bench him now.
  13. MilliniumPrince

    Anyone getting concerned yet...

    You aren't paying attention. But is will try to be cool like you in my future posts. Lame, who says "lame"? Lol
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    Boneyard Weekly Pick ‘Em - week 2 (Sept 7)

    Syracuse Purdue US Nebraska N. Texas Tennessee LSU Miami Stanford Minnesota
  15. MilliniumPrince

    Anyone getting concerned yet...

    No need. We are going to basically end the Football program to be more in line with our Catholic Sisters.
  16. MilliniumPrince

    Statement Game ... Lack of Progress

    The AAC will look pretty good in football next year. The narrative will then be "Uconn left and the American got better." As for the game, can we wait until game 3 before you all jump off a ledge? Damn!
  17. MilliniumPrince

    No New Jerseys, No Block C Gear Available

    I still think the blue version of this helmet is the best we've ever had.
  18. MilliniumPrince

    Boneyard Weekly Pick ‘Em - Week 1 (Aug 29-31)

    Cincinnati Utah Wisconsin Memphis South Carolina Stanford VT Florida St Oregon Virginia
  19. MilliniumPrince

    Some Interesting JC thoughts

    Some of you are beyond belief. I am not sure if some of these posts are sarcastic or real. I feel bad if some of you ever have an issue with family or close friends. You write people off in a New York Minute. Damn!
  20. MilliniumPrince

    American Athletic Coaches Talk Anonymously About Conference Foes for 2019

    Pindell was not the problem last year. Our WR couldn't separate from a sloth last season.
  21. MilliniumPrince

    Open Practice..... Sunday, August 4.

    I am partially joking, partially. It was an early August open practice, so take it with several grains of salt. On a couple of plays the guys still looked young. So slow thinking on gaps and edges instead of insticts. But experience will change that. But the tendency for arm tackles without...
  22. MilliniumPrince

    Open Practice..... Sunday, August 4.

    The weather was perfect. I liked what I saw in drills from Heron Maurisseau. If there any teams on our schedule who actually run the ball, we may be in trouble.
  23. MilliniumPrince

    Interesting Article Speculates on Several Realignment Options

    With recent investments and the high level of in-state talent, why does anyone think UCF is going to suck any time soon?
  24. MilliniumPrince

    Euphoria (HBO)

    If you mean the evening news, I got you.
  25. MilliniumPrince

    Euphoria (HBO)

    And most last a long time.
  26. MilliniumPrince

    Euphoria (HBO)

    The show is doing huge numbers and will be here for at least two more seasons.
  27. MilliniumPrince

    Pernell Whitaker

    One of my all-time favorites. Truly a Scientist in the ring. The decision in the fight against Oscar was a sham. I had him winning that fight easily.
  28. MilliniumPrince

    NBA Offseason

    The contracts are big because the return on investment is big.
  29. MilliniumPrince

    NBA Offseason

    If you ignore the fact CP III and Griffin hate each other and tried to have a fight in halls of the Staples Center, you have a point.
  30. MilliniumPrince

    Kevin Ollie Update

    Only on the Yard can a thread that begins with something bordering on stalking, evolve to a debate on just how can anyone make it on only $200k per year, before leveling off on "is that guy on the golf course really Dustin Johnson?" I am somehow embarrassed and simultaneously proud to be a...
  31. MilliniumPrince

    Euphoria (HBO)

    It has an 80% score on Rotten Tomatoes and a 7.6 on IMBD, and nothing has really happened yet. If you are over 35 years old this one isn't for you.
  32. MilliniumPrince

    Euphoria (HBO)

    Not disagreeing. just pointing out none of us will be invited to the HBO Euphoria Focus Group. Tough I like the show more than you.
  33. MilliniumPrince

    Euphoria (HBO)

    As soon as many figure out we are the demographic target for this show, you will see why HBO went with this show. This is going to be big with the college and high school crowd.