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  1. CToutlaw34

    USMNT Falling

    was hard to ignore how disgusted he looked when subbed off vs Uruguay - even Stu called him out for poor body language - hopefully he's starting vs Cuba and cap tied, we can't let him get away regardless of his recent performances.
  2. CToutlaw34

    USMNT Falling

    would've liked to see more than 7min for Pomykal - Josh looked OK - I was impressed with Yueill in the 6, he looked much better than Trapp ever has there (not saying much) - Mexico got smacked by Argentina.. you just hate to see it. on to the nations league..
  3. CToutlaw34

    Independent Scheduling

  4. CToutlaw34

    Biggest sports annoyances

    male's who bunt in adult beer-league kickball
  5. CToutlaw34

    Annual WFSB Giants / Pats issue thread...

    checked the guide yesterday - it's correct.
  6. CToutlaw34

    Blue Lot Parking for USF

    Anyone not using OR have an extra blue lot pass for the 10/5 USF game?
  7. CToutlaw34

    Attendance Prediction

    Great to see Donovan calling out the students. It continues to be an embarrassment. Kudos to Dale. Always there repping in the student section. We need more hardcores. Football and Basketball. the students just don't seem to care like we used to. I really don't know what the solution is, the...
  8. CToutlaw34

    Free tickets vs Illinois (Promo code)

    our crew is up to 28 thanks to these freebies. kills me that I paid full price and donation (for worse seats) but whatever let's put some husky arses in the seats this week and BEAT ILLINOIS Go Eric Go
  9. CToutlaw34

    Annoy Illinois

  10. CToutlaw34


    got 8 decent lowers, for free, using a corporate code. thankful. yet, doomed.
  11. CToutlaw34

    Illinois - Need 5 Tix & Blue Lot Pass

    all set on tickets, thanks Nick, still looking for Blue Pass!
  12. CToutlaw34

    Illinois - Need 5 Tix & Blue Lot Pass

    Looking for 5 tickets and could use 1-2 more blue lot passes for my crew - anyone still have extras?
  13. CToutlaw34

    Game Week-> UConn v. Illinois (9/7/19 @ 3:30p on CBSSN)

    10:30 permit 11:30 public - they wont let ya in at 9 but that sounds like the right time to start drinkin'
  14. CToutlaw34

    Attendance Prediction

    my crew has grown from 5 to 14 this week - anyone have a line on an extra blue parking pass? attendance guess - 25k turnstile and a loud lower bowl for at least 2 quarters
  15. CToutlaw34

    Any guess as to USF start time on 10/5?

    adding 10+ to our crew for this game - ISO 2 blue parking passes, please let me know if you have one to sell or know of any available. can meet at the rent sat. cheers
  16. CToutlaw34

    USMNT Rising

    my XI for Friday's "friendly" vs. Mexico Steffen Dest Brooks Zimmerman Ream Pomykal McKennie Roldan Pulisic Boyd Sargent #DosACero
  17. CToutlaw34

    Annoy Illinois

    counting down the seconds until lots open (currently only 341,840 to go) LET'S GO DAWGS
  18. CToutlaw34

    Game Week - UConn vs. Wagner (8/29/19 @ 7p on ESPN3)

    UConn by a billion LFG!!!!!!!! tick tick tick tick
  19. CToutlaw34

    T Minus 7 days to tailgating check list...

    6. buy all of the beer.
  20. CToutlaw34

    Season tix coming soon?

    same with " BASKETBALLSTH "
  21. CToutlaw34

    Blue Lot Questions

    this is exactly what I am thinking will happen and why, I respectfully, posed the questions lol
  22. CToutlaw34

    Season tix coming soon?

    why's that?
  23. CToutlaw34

    Blue Lot Questions

    After 10 wild years in Red Lot the crew decided to upgrade to Blue for this season (and beyond) - we're really excited to take advantage of the extra hour and join some of you in Blue Lot! Question - I remember seeing somewhere that when you arrive (5 hrs prior to kick) you can park where you...
  24. CToutlaw34

    Very little UConn merchandise.

    take the trip to the co-op on campus - they have ALL the merch you could want
  25. CToutlaw34

    Season tix coming soon?

    just got mine - always such an exciting moment haha! YES. love the complimentary tickets for Wagner as well. cheers !
  26. CToutlaw34

    Season tix coming soon?

    well my rep clearly lied or (still) hasn't updated my address...
  27. CToutlaw34

    Season tix coming soon?

    my rep said in hand by Wednesday 8/14
  28. CToutlaw34

    Wagner prediction.

  29. CToutlaw34

    As Wagner Approaches

  30. CToutlaw34

    Will Hartford Athletic ever win a game?

    Hartford has it!
  31. CToutlaw34

    EPL Prediction time

    Top 6 1 City (sigh) 2 LFC 3 Spurs 4 Arsenal 5 Chelski 6 United or Everton Bottom 3 18 Sheffield 19 Brighton 20 Norwich really hope Liverpool hold on to the Welsh Wizard, albeit, not much playing time with the current squad. agree with AreBee re: Wolves. Think Everton could potentially make a...
  32. CToutlaw34

    Independent Scheduling

    Austin away trip, yes please.