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  1. ZenConn

    Recruiting: Tracking Staff During Open Period

    Wow. Kyle Cuffe Jr. At least we don't have to worry about asking whose kid that is.
  2. ZenConn

    I found this screenshot in an old backup drive...

    RIP Kendric Price.
  3. ZenConn

    long time boneyarder passes

    oh man. @Danzz You will be missed greatly. Rest in peace. I know that the other side has us winning championships every year with Cuse, Duke and Kentucky losing to us in the finals by 50 points.
  4. ZenConn

    Best streaming service for sports?

    Yeah I think you are right. According to what I'm reading, the entire bundle (Hulu, ESPN+ and Disney+) will be $12.99 a month. If you already have Disney+, we may have to call and ask for the bundle with the discounts :). Anyhow, we'll see come November.
  5. ZenConn

    The Tampering of Antonio Brown

    This saga has turned into a dumpster fire. When I thought TO was bad. This guy is 1000 times worse.
  6. ZenConn

    Best streaming service for sports?

    There was a 3 year special promotion for Disney+ for $140 recently and unfortunately ended last week which I believe includes ESPN+. So now I have free ad enabled Hulu (from Sprint) and Disney+. I guess when November rolls around I'll have to start calling to get all these accounts merged into 1.
  7. ZenConn

    Biggest sports annoyances

    Blackout rules. I hated them when they couldn't sell out Patriots games back when they weren't that good and I couldn't watch them on an OTA broadcast.
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    OT: Reckless Driving In Virginia

    Great news.
  9. ZenConn

    Dan Hurley undergoes surgery for back/neck. Expected back by official start of practices Sept. 28.

    I bet Calipari warn recruits that Hurley is in fact dying to get a leg up on recruiting - not that he's done that before ...
  10. ZenConn

    Tornado Warning

    Post/Handle? All kidding aside. Stay safe people!
  11. ZenConn

    OT: Sent a title for a school bus I didn't buy

    Yup. That's how it all starts on the BY. And then when it comes to recruiting and KO.
  12. ZenConn

    FIBA World Cup

    Two extremes. NBA calls everything including breathing on the superstars. FIBA calls nothing if there's no blood.
  13. ZenConn

    How hard do you Yard?

  14. ZenConn

    The Boneyard Buys A Rec Center

    And with courts with no end lines.
  15. ZenConn

    Andrew Luck Retires

    I wouldn't be surprised that 3/4 of the people that boo'd Luck at Lucas Oil Stadium had Andrew Luck on their recently drafted fantasy football teams.
  16. ZenConn

    The Boneyard Buys A Rec Center

    Damnit. You got me!
  17. ZenConn

    The Boneyard Buys A Rec Center

    We're gonna need a lot more ads than the occasional Ashley Madison and Hot Asian Singles In The Area I see on this board.
  18. ZenConn

    Andrew Luck Retires

    Just like every player in the NFL and other sports, Luck made the decision based on what he thought was best for him and his family. In the end, football is just entertainment. How would have people thought if he led his teammates to believe that he was working hard to try to get back on the...
  19. ZenConn

    The Boneyard buys a pizza place.

    If you need a urinal, you know who to ask.
  20. ZenConn

    Kadary Richmond down to Oregon, Seton Hall, St. John’s and UConn

    His play looks a bit like .... dare to say ... Terry Larrier. Waiting for polycom to come chime in ;) ...
  21. ZenConn

    Team of the Decade

    Interesting matchup vs Kansas though. Embiid vs Drummond ....
  22. ZenConn

    2020 Recruiting: UConn offers SF Jordan Geronimo

    We have a Caronimo. It's only fitting we get a Geronimo.
  23. ZenConn

    OT: Anyone here ever treated for Lyme Disease?

    I caught mine early - 2 days after getting bit by a tick and showing the bullseye rash on the back of the knee. Took about 3 weeks of antibiotics and seemed to be okay. I've had some joint pain recently but I'm not sure if it's from me getting older (approaching 50) or from something else...
  24. ZenConn

    The boys are lookin swole

    Okay gents. Lookin good. When's leg day though ?!
  25. ZenConn

    Arbitrator rules in Ollie's favor re: protections

    Jeez. This needs to die already.
  26. ZenConn

    East Carolina OOC Schedule

    Blue Edwards was a high round draft pick but didn't pan out. Jeff Blake was a great college player with a pretty good NFL career. No reason to trash other programs though. But damn, that OOC conference schedule is ugly and should be fined and docked scholarships for that hot mess. Why even...
  27. ZenConn

    East Carolina OOC Schedule

    This is ridiculous. The AAC should be mandating that their teams should have a minimum strength of schedule rating and fine them if it's not up to par. They should redistribute the money to the rest of the schools that comply. In addition, if these games ever get broadcast, no one will watch...
  28. ZenConn

    OT: Ohio State seeks to trademark the word 'The'

    The idiots from The Ohio State University.
  29. ZenConn

    You can clone any player from UConn basketball history ...

    LOL! The state would preemptively declare a statewide food shortage at the sight of 5 KEA. And another type of shortage at the sight of 5 Uncle Cliffys.
  30. ZenConn

    You can clone any player from UConn basketball history ...

    Wow a lot of people overlooking Donyell. I'd put 5 Donyells up there with Caron and Rudy.