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    Huskies in the Pros (Baseball)

    Looking forward to watching Kay shut down the Yanks tonight. LFGM
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    OT: Best Pizza in CT

    take a look at Zuppardi's menu and read closely you'll notice there are two clam pies offered - "fresh shucked" and "baby clam" - big price difference. I've only had the fresh shucked, expensive but worth it. I assume the "baby clam" is a canned produce that is vastly inferior, probably only...
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    Huskies in the Pros (Baseball)
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    Time to get rich y’all Illinois (-20) @ UConn

    10 rushing yards. Illinois isn't exactly the Monsters of the Midway :roll eyes:
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    Updated New Hockey Arena Info

    This makes me wonder, I know it doesn't include an ice plant, but includes luxury boxes and a state-of-the-art broadcast center. $45 million. And it's gotta be way more expensive to build in Fairfield than Storrs Fairfield U. plans $45M Convocation Center
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    Illinois prediction

    IL 48 CT 17
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    How to watch tonight's game

    You've got to subscribe to ESPN+ via iTunes on the Apple TV. The older ones have ESPN on the menu and on the newer models download the ESPN app. First week is free...
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    Beat Wagner
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    The Official 2019 Mets Thread

    DeGrom A stud 2night. Wasted. Must win sat/sun. LFGM
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    The Official 2019 Mets Thread

    Bottom 14 LFGM
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    OT: Jet lag help

    Xanax :cool:
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    The Official 2019 Mets Thread

    Third year in a row they have lost on UConn day at Citifield
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    The Official 2019 Mets Thread

    You Gotta Believe
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    Jones Beach

    take the extra 20 minute drive to Robert Moses and go to the beach there. Field 3 is a gem.
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    UConn in the NFL

    Monday, Aug 05, 2019 04:21 PM Three Takeaways from Jets' First Unofficial Depth Chart Tight Ends With Chris Herndon’s four-game suspension to open up the regular season, the tight ends are not only competing for a roster spot but the starting gig. Ryan Griffin, whom the Jets signed July 22nd...
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    The Athletic will be featuring us shortly in their Realignment series...

    correct. they are just called grant in aids
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    What Are The Limits: Reagan Smith

    She also broke the 100 meter backstroke world record leading off the women's 4 * 100 medley relay this morning
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    OT: Best Vocalist You've Seen Live

    Kate and Augie killed it on "The Core" at BRYAC last Saturday night, but the superlative might be a bit of the result of the sound guy's vocals on a tune just prior :D
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    2019 AAC Football Media Days - July 15th/16th in Newport RI

    If I am a UConn player I am subjecting each and everyone of my lobsters to a long and through sniff test.
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    OT: Best pizza places for slices in CT?

    Port Chester NY . Its the water....
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    OT: Best Bacon Egg + Cheese in CT?

    Yes. First place this recipient of a Mohel's services ever had a ham sandwich (although bacon was in the rotation long before that).
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    OT: Best Bacon Egg + Cheese in CT?

    Alan's has been gone at least 20 years. Thai Place > Judys > BBQ place (all restaurants). Funny the other day I was trying to remember the name (Alan's). That and Reddi-Rooster were my local go-to's growing up, agree on the BEC at Alans. BTW, get your hands on some Peter Luger bacon, grill...
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    OT: Best Pizza in CT

    Pepe's Fairfield has been open almost 15 years. The oven is seasoned. On a good day with the right pizziaolo, they can match New Haven. Not every pie, every time, but I can attest to 5 star (out of 5) pies there, and nothing under an 4 recently.
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    (New) Home Again?

    Not to argue spelling, capitalization or semantics, but.....
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    The Official 2019 Mets Thread

    Im thinking the only reason Callaway wasnt fired after the roadtrip was not to detract from this weekend's celebration of the 1969 World Champions. He should be gone by Monday.
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    (New) Home Again?

    How about UCONN vs PC on the ice @ MSG? The Big East owns NYC ;) If Harvard and Cornell can play there, why can't we? PS even make it a doubleheader with the women if necessary
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    Odd statistics about your life.

    Moose1979, same for me, but only 22 years between
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    2019-2020 UConn Men's Hockey

    Its selfish, but fingers crossed he doesn't go high enough Friday night to reconsider his commitment ;)
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    Given up on Jersey?

    Huskymedic, if you know of 5 offers then you are doing a better job than Hunt ;)
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    Given up on Jersey?

    Here is the Dirty's top 50 list. Only 1 offer from UCONN? UMASS has at least 3 and several more mentions. Icoukd understand a lack of interest from recruits, but...
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    2019-2020 UConn Men's Hockey

    Where does Firstov go in the draft tomorrow night? Most of the scouting ranks him in the low second-high third round range, but one combine has him #23?
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    OT: Best TV Dad (comedy)

    Fred G. Sanford. Not even close.
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    RIP Dr John...

    One cool cat
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    2019-2020 UConn Men's Hockey

    A few games are up on the CHN site