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  1. UConnDan97

    Number of Wins This Year (2019)

    Hi. I'm UConnDan97... ;)
  2. UConnDan97

    It’s officially camp season...

    He's not shy about that. Not recently, anyways...
  3. UConnDan97

    It’s officially camp season...

    For a couple of quarters. ;) The point I was making is that Edsall is not shy about making that pronouncement at this stage, even if the guy has a short leash. It's better to get folks excited about that choice now, even if it doesn't last a full game...
  4. UConnDan97

    It’s officially camp season...

    Agreed. But the fact that they aren't talking about Beaudry in the same way that they talked about Pindell over Shireffs at this same time period two years ago is what scares me the most...
  5. UConnDan97

    It’s officially camp season...

    You beat me to it. Those other schools are struggling to pick between high 3 star and 4 star kids, where either one will do. We're picking between 3 very different QBs in terms of arrival (3-star red shirt freshman, D2 transfer, and a P5 walk-on transfer). Not finding a window to choose...
  6. UConnDan97

    It’s officially camp season...

    While I appreciate that they feel they need to keep it tight to the vest, not knowing who your starting QB is this close to the first game is probably the most depressing thing this off-season. Really bad news...
  7. UConnDan97

    Season tix coming soon?

    Got mine today too. And like others have mentioned, it's a really nice touch to add the two extra tickets...
  8. UConnDan97

    State of the program

    Meh. This year isn't even the hardest undefeated prediction I've had to make for UConn Football. The move to the Big East was the right move. Now, we have to do what we can... for as long as we can. Pride. Heart. UConn.
  9. UConnDan97

    Born too early?

    I'm tipping my hat to Whaler tonight. He has finally "out-Palatined" Palatine... ;)
  10. UConnDan97

    Wagner prediction.

    Yeah, but there were a lot of mid range scores already offered, so that only covered me until like 10-0...
  11. UConnDan97

    Wagner prediction.

    If it's a boneheaded move, well... ... who better than you??? ;) (Here's where I'm supposed to type post/handle, but I have my own style...)
  12. UConnDan97

    American Athletic Coaches Talk Anonymously About Conference Foes for 2019

    I think the DL gets better based on the extra year of growth, especially for Travis Jones, and also the move of Kevon Jones from LB to the line. However, QB scares the hell out of me. To any folks that think Pindell wasn't a good QB: barring a real surprise with one of the new guys, they are...
  13. UConnDan97

    Wagner prediction.

    How dare you!
  14. UConnDan97

    Wagner prediction.

    Nope. That would only give me 55 points. He would get 56 and everything else above. If it is 54, I would have gone over. No doubt about it, sir. I picked well. I even get the win if we score in the 70s, which has literally a coin-flip chance of happening... ;)
  15. UConnDan97

    Wagner prediction.

    I'm going with 57-0. It's the classic "The Price Is Right" move... :cool:
  16. UConnDan97

    Richard Springs Commits to UConn

    Welcome to the Dog Pound, Richard!!! :cool:
  17. UConnDan97

    Putterman: Randy Edsall says players’ attitudes are ‘totally different’ from last year in opening days of practice

    Some of you really crack me up. Alright. It's '97 time: Treat the football offseason as a situation where your best friend is setting you up for a blind date. Now, your friend has set you up on some really rough blind dates lately... like 7 or 8 brutal ones in a row. So how do you approach...
  18. UConnDan97

    I thought the Phone was ringing off the hook?

    This thread is soooooo Boneyard!
  19. UConnDan97

    Quarterbacks Mike Beaudry, Steven Krajewski, Micah Leon ‘excited’ to compete for UConn starting job (Putterman)

    Agreed. This was my take from the comments as well. I was hoping that Krajewski would be molded into something really good, but that was maybe based too much on the high school accolades and the state he came from. Still hopeful, but it's starting to sound like Beaudry or bust...
  20. UConnDan97


    Fabulous. I had almost forgotten that Diaco had a QB for yards 1 through 79 and then another QB for the red zone. I'll continue to try to forget. I thoroughly enjoyed @whaler11's post in that thread: "Credit to Diaco for one thing. Me, Spackler and UConnDan97 all agree on something. His...
  21. UConnDan97


    You missed me. ;) By the way, glad you gave up that "Stunning Steve" alter ego you were working on. It wasn't a big hit...
  22. UConnDan97

    2019 UConn Commit: Russ Dixon

    Welcome to the Dog Pound, Russ!!! :cool:
  23. UConnDan97

    The worst of the horde

    I read the title before opening the thread and said out loud, "Must be friggin' DiMauro". So glad not to be disappointed...
  24. UConnDan97

    $17m early buyout agreement per Blauds

    I know the departure fee is big, but if Mike Anthony is right about what he heard, this is the best news UConn Football has had since maybe even 2011! I'm psyched up, and I smell many undefeated seasons to come!
  25. UConnDan97

    Stanford Steve Says Over 1.5 Wins

    I was going to weigh in early, but an over/under set at 1.5 games is an insult to my entire way of life. The pessimist should begin the over/under at 10 wins, and then I'll waste my breath to bring him or her back up to reality... :cool:
  26. UConnDan97

    2020 UConn Commit #9 Brandon Niemenski (Mountain Top PA)

    Welcome to the Dog Pound, Brandon!!! :cool:
  27. UConnDan97

    2020 UConn Commit #8 - Brendan Heatherman Jr (Stafford Virginia)

    Welcome to the Dog Pound, Brendan!!! :cool:
  28. UConnDan97

    Kevin Ollie Update

    I thought it was Dan Orlovsky with a beard...
  29. UConnDan97

    Preliminary Gold Cup Roster

    If anything, it should be an indictment of Berhalter, because it's clear that the fellas came to play hard. But the second half adjustments are EXACTLY what a good coach can do. The worst part is that we could have had the other guy...
  30. UConnDan97

    Preliminary Gold Cup Roster

    To be fair, his starting lineup did well. Much better than expected, and should have had the lead. The problem is that he is being thoroughly outcoached in the second half, to the point where we can't even get a hold of the ball...
  31. UConnDan97

    Preliminary Gold Cup Roster

    Yeah... that about sums it up...
  32. UConnDan97

    Preliminary Gold Cup Roster

    It has to be said that the US looked much better in the first half than at any time before under Berhalter. Having said that, Tata made adjustments that have flipped the script for the second half. What will Berhalter do? Let's hope something good...
  33. UConnDan97

    Can UConn spearhead a new FBS FB Conference with NBE schools?

    True story. There used to be a guy on the basketball board named Cheezy or Chetty or Cheetah or some darned thing. He was setting a record for consecutive posts without a "like"... ... Steve might be worse...
  34. UConnDan97

    Can UConn spearhead a new FBS FB Conference with NBE schools?

    Jimmy and I had our battles, but he is 1000x better than this clown. Somewhere out there, H.F.D. is shedding a tear as he opines on the color of the basketball coach's tie...