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  1. Duncan Idaho

    Who is Going to the Wagner Game?

    Yes. Til death do us part.
  2. Duncan Idaho


    The best resteraunt in town was Clark's off main heading up toward Eastern.
  3. Duncan Idaho


    Late 70s early 80s it was bills maybe the same location though. Whaler said Gils was across from wili thats about right.
  4. Duncan Idaho


    The guy never wrote down an order. Worked the counter by his lonesome and just cleared the dishes, glasses and flatware til closing.
  5. Duncan Idaho


    Irma's. Great cheeseburger grinders
  6. Duncan Idaho

    New 750k House for the President

    Thats because they are claiming Oak Hill needs things like a new slate roof which was done 10 years ago.
  7. Duncan Idaho

    New 750k House for the President

    It was done around Hogan's time. The Foundation also bought a house in West Hartford a few years ago for receptions fundraising...
  8. Duncan Idaho

    New 750k House for the President

    They put a million into it before Hogan.
  9. Duncan Idaho

    Eric Torkelson - '74

    And Don Thompson with a defensive touchdown. Another favorite! Congrats to Tork.
  10. Duncan Idaho

    OT: Golf - US Open 2019

    It was one dick move. He admitted it. Paid the caddy an extra 45k. No other history here. No trend.
  11. Duncan Idaho

    OT: Golf - US Open 2019

    Golf Channel said Fox made four of them, Koepka was in three , they chose poorly.
  12. Duncan Idaho

    2020 UConn Commit/Decommit - Ra’Mello Dotson (Daytona Beach Florida)

    Yeah he was someone I thought would done well here. Speaking of this type of stuff Do remember Mike Yankich? He was a very highly ranked lb from the same area of Pa that Endres was from. Paterno came in late and offered. He went there and did little.
  13. Duncan Idaho

    2020 UConn Commit/Decommit - Ra’Mello Dotson (Daytona Beach Florida)

    Got dismissed by Clemson. No real production there. Went to Tennessee State had a couple good years there became an UDFA? last year. May be in Canada now?
  14. Duncan Idaho

    OT PGA Championship

    I think he meant -4 on fri, even on sat and +4 on sun.
  15. Duncan Idaho

    OT PGA Championship

    Average score was a +4 in the last round.
  16. Duncan Idaho

    OT PGA Championship

    He did the Green. Also Congressional Blue which has hosted majors rebuilt by Rees Jones.
  17. Duncan Idaho

    OT PGA Championship

    Keney Park just got a mention and snapshot as a muni success story on a Bethpage segment on The Golf Channel.
  18. Duncan Idaho

    OT: Travelers Championship

    It has earned The Players Choice Award the last couple of years becsuse of its services, hospitality, crowds and course quality etc...Good to be so well thought of from the tour pros.
  19. Duncan Idaho

    OT: Best brunch buffets in CT

    Vue 24 Brunch at Foxwoods. Good and it costs.
  20. Duncan Idaho

    A Bob Diaco Masterpiece

    Yep. Remember you bashing him going for that long field goal...
  21. Duncan Idaho

    Does your spouse/SO like or enjoy sports, especially UConn?

    The first date with now wife of many years was to a baseball game. Her call. Turned out she was an Indians fan. She will go to an occasional UConn baseball and football games and we have gone to their NCAA tournament games. She went to as many of the kids' games as she possibly could.
  22. Duncan Idaho

    The Boneyard Greatest TV Show of All-Time Tournament

    Our neighbors invited us over on Sunday nights to watch Bonanza and Disney's Wonderful World of Color. They were one of the first to own a color tv.
  23. Duncan Idaho

    2019 UConn Commit - Juan Rosario (Stamford CT)

    We had a WO starting Qb in 2011.
  24. Duncan Idaho

    Eleven sacks last year.

    325lb OL were smothering 220 and 214lb Inside lbs
  25. Duncan Idaho

    Films Worth Viewing

    This reminded me that Cotton and Welles both were in "The Third Man", have to watch that again. Trevor Howard too.
  26. Duncan Idaho

    France in June

    Normandy was something. We were able to visit a family member's grave site. If you are more of a history buff there is the Bayeux Tapestry nearby depicting the events of William the Conqueror 's Battle of Hastings. There are a number of evening light shows throughout the valley during the...
  27. Duncan Idaho

    I need new golf clubs

    As I've gotten older, I gone down to 3 wedges because I dont hit the ball as far and I feel this gives me more options further back. Very comfortable using a pitching wedge further in. I suspect further down the road it will be down to two.
  28. Duncan Idaho

    New coordinator Lou Spanos embracing unique ‘challenge’ of coaching UConn defense (Putterman)

    No one got fired for Jesus in the Huddle comments. It was just coincendental that he resigned over a family matter.
  29. Duncan Idaho

    The Uncertain Future of the Juco Football Pipeline (SI)

    ESPN ran a story this morning about cost and availability of insurance is help driving 2 year schools to drop the sport.
  30. Duncan Idaho

    Spring Practice 2019

    In a 3-4 what does this mean? He is going to be the "rush" olb that that lines up at either end of the LOS? We are looking at Harris Hahn K. Jones and Fortt?
  31. Duncan Idaho

    The Boneyard Greatest Movie of All-Time Tournament

    1935 version. Loved Laughton. Had best picture. Three best actor nominees. Best supporting category created because of it. Didnt like Brando's take on Christian. The film production values were great though. Always liked Howard in his WWII flicks.
  32. Duncan Idaho

    The Boneyard Greatest Movie of All-Time Tournament

    Chinatown All Quiet on the Western Front The French Connection Mutiny on the Bounty Dr. Strangelove Fantasia (when stoned) Midnight Cowboy Some Like it Hot
  33. Duncan Idaho

    Squid's #4 UK starts 4 frosh and 1 soph

    He also uses his teams' youth as the reason they lose in the tourney. Slithering.