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    OT: Khalid pranks Syracuse in 1994!

    From the following article: “He Actually Believes He Is Khalid”: The Amazing 30-Year Odyssey of a Counterfeit Saudi Prince One day in the summer of 1994, officials at Syracuse University were contacted by Prince Khalid bin al-Saud of Saudi Arabia. His Royal Highness stated his intention to...
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    Anybody else think

    Some Guy should officially change his name to Some Guy.
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    Hurley’s Strategy

    If KO had a Blaze strategy what does Hurley have? Hope it’s not a Red Lobster or an Arby’s strategy.
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    Win Baby!

    Maybe our guards will join Anderson and play next game.
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    Rodney: Opposite Ends of the Spectrum.

    On one end you have Stephen Wiltshire who drew the NYC skyline from memory after an 18 minute helicopter ride. Articles: British autistic artist Stephen Wiltshire signs finished drawing of NYC skyline (VIDEO) British autistic artist Stephen Wiltshire signs finished drawing of NYC skyline...
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    Not a Joke: NCAA Will Announce UNC Penalties 10/13/17!

    Yep Friday the 13th! Buried in the other thread so many of you may have given up on any announcement. Link: NCAA Will Release UNC Infractions Report Friday So it's 50/50 for me. NCAA wants to bury this story by announcing on Friday because sanctions are weak or because they are already...
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    Official: Mamoudou Diarra to Cinci

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    Football Harris Commit

    So I'm checking my email and see Scout sends me a notice of a new commit - Harris. So I bounce back here, don't see anything, recheck Scout and learn it's Dillon Harris for football. Huge recruit for football but not Blake. AYAYI!:cool:
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    Mamoudou Visiting Uconn

    Things looking good!
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    Ten years in a Row @Deepster!

    So the Lady Huskies make it ten in a row going to the final four. Geno surpassed Summitt for most NCAA victories with the win and the women now have won 111 in a row. They trounced Oregon doing it. And that happened with KLS still in a shooting slump and Collier not having one of her better...
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    Official: Glen Miller is gone

    UConn Assistant Coach Glenn Miller Will Not Return
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    Game ball goes to Jalen

    With honorable mention to Rodney, Amida, Vance and Christian. First game against a decent opponent that four players played well. Rodney again with stellar defense on an opposing star. He really neutralized Dotson. Can't believe the difference in Jalen's movement on defense this game. Night...
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    Play of the game!

    Kentan had a really bad game. USF was double teaming him all game and he was slow to react when they did. And even when they gave him space he missed every shot. But that play in the second half in which he had the ball, USF doubled him, he passed to a cutting Christian for a layup, was my...
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    Game ball to Rodney

    Really happy for him.
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    Rumors: Boneyarders want the Magic Back

    for Ollie!
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    UConn chant!

    At the start of every game it is customary to start a UConn chant in the Boneyard. Whether you believe in the mojo or not let's see if we can avoid what happened preceding and during the Temple game where we only completed part of the chant. Coincidence? Probably. But it wasn't until after...
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    Game ball goes to Rodney!

    Runner up was Jalen for clutch shot, but Rodney carried the team second half.
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    Calling all gritty and plucky Boneyarders!

    Way to hang in there when the going gets tough!:cool:
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    Some positives!

    Rodney did not step out of bounds. We did not quit until the last 6 seconds. We made a run. We outplayed their walk ons.
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    On the bright side for some and the dark side for others:

    Woman Huskies set new bb record with 91. AD Dave was there. Geno indicated two days ago that he actually had an offer to coach men's bb, was ready to accept it but his daughter talked him out of it.
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    And right now Champs99and04:

    @champs99and04 is watching the game in slow motion. Expect a "War and Peace" novel in a day or so. Looking forward to it.
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    Temple game thread

    Come on guys. First time since start of season I have hope for you. Don't squash my hope!
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    13-year-old NY girl killed by stray bullet,dreamed of playing for UConn

    A very sad story. Currently on the men's forum. Deserves to be here as well. 13-year-old NY girl killed by stray bullet was ‘shining star,’ dreamed of playing basketball for UConn
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    A Little early but Happy New Year Folks!

    Be safe and enjoy this evening people. There are more important things than winning bb games. Although I'm struggling to list them.
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    Does UConn have an allotment of tickets for Ohio State Game?

    And if so how can we buy tickets?
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    Victory for the little guys.

    The Chanticleers are now the number one cocksters in SC beating AZ in the world college baseball championships,
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    Did DHam have an unforgettable, forgettable or underachieved career?

    Hopefully this thread will derail like every other thread resulting in information about Durham and not DHam!
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    SF Justin Jackson Summary to Avoid Wieldy Thread

    Synopsis for those who don't want to go through lots of pages: JJ is not going to UNLV (coaching change). He's looking at Maryland, UConn and Oregon. He's taken official visits to those schools in that order with Oregon being this past weekend. Jerry Meyer switched his crystal ball pick from...
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    Caption this picture!

    Throw stones at me, but this gentleman is jleves brother in law who is 55 and has been like this since birth (cerebral palsy). If anyone is moved by this picture and hasn't already donated to jleves thread, head over there and help this cause.
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    Ok you Boneyard FreeLoaders:

    And I'm not talking about Saudit Arabia. In the "brother in law has cerebral palsy" thread one of our own, jleves, is asking for donations to a worthwhile cause. I hate soliciting for donations for any cause because donating has to come from the heart. And I know money is tight for many of...
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    OT-Fishy is asking for Boneyard help!

    Look up posters to the banner in blue above the forum. There is a link to place votes for a young gal. Help Fishy out if you like him. Vote for someone else at your own peril.
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    Bruno Fernando to SMU

    Just announced.