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  1. Dove

    UMass Bus Trip

    Short bus?
  2. Dove

    OT: Share Your Favorite "Moon" Song That Best Celebrates The 50th Anniversary of The Moon Landing

    Time for the Neville Brothers y'all. "Yellow Moon"
  3. Dove

    Delaware Water Gap

    My wife wanted no part of this drive as it lengthened the trip by an hour.
  4. Dove

    Pernell Whitaker

    Just read this sad news on the Twitter. I was a big fan of him and Moochie back then.
  5. Dove

    Delaware Water Gap

    Left late. Will hit it on way home.
  6. Dove

    Delaware Water Gap

    Thanks guys. I think we'll drive it.
  7. Dove

    Delaware Water Gap

    Has anyone driven through this area? Anywhere worth stopping within it? Or is it more of a scenic drive thing? I am off to the western edge of the Poconos tomorrow and see this area on a map. Looks like a cool detour.
  8. Dove

    SoCal Boneyarders - First Big Quake in 20 Years

    7.1 quake was 10 times greater than Thursday quake. As for the noted quake in c. 2013 here in New England. I think it was epicentered off Rhode Island shore. I was working on 3rd floor in Essex CT and definitely felt a rumble. It was very weird. I went to other offices asking if people felt...
  9. Dove

    End of Society - Mad Magazine to stop publishing new issues

    Did they do Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions?
  10. Dove

    End of Society - Mad Magazine to stop publishing new issues

    Loved those guys!! Was going to post same thing, only funnier.
  11. Dove

    Happy Birthday America*

    Every day I thank the Lord I wasn't born in Mongolia. Or Angola. Or Mexico. Right here in good ol' New England. Truly blessed. May you all spend today enjoying life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
  12. Dove

    OT: Best Beer

    Clocks in at a smooth 7%. Can be found on shelves in their distro area.
  13. Dove

    OT: Best Beer

    Hey @Austin316 from CT? Beer'd Brewing has a tasty NEIPA:
  14. Dove

    That’s a wrap on the Ollie era

    When oysters taste better than victory.
  15. Dove

    NCAA Infractions?

    Ten toes up...and tagged. All ahead forward, UConn!!!!!!!!!
  16. Dove

    That’s a wrap on the Ollie era

  17. Dove

    Recently Seen in 2019

    Boy In The Plastic Bubble (1976) Feeling pretty crappy Friday evening I stayed up and watched this 1970s schlock for nostalgia. I was 11 when this movie came out and still remember the hype ABC gave it. John Travolta starred in this based-on-a-true story person. Young actress, Glynnis...
  18. Dove

    Odd statistics about your life.

    Number of times Fishy has met me - 7 Number of hermit warblers I have seen - 1 Number of babies I have sired - 0 Number of dogs I have owned - 3 Number of times I have made Cajun chicken pasta - 33 Number of times I have logged onto the Boneyard - 49,504
  19. Dove

    UCONN to new Big East

    This was a serious question. Anyone know?
  20. Dove

    UConn Grad Tom McDougall with the mic drop

    The BoT meeting was recorded. You can acquire the recording via FOI.
  21. Dove

    UCONN to new Big East

    Did Geno coach BE Commissioner, Val Ackerman, at Virginia? She graduated in 1981 and he was there about that time.
  22. Dove

    A UConn Guide to the Big East

    Thanks @Redmen9194 for this post!
  23. Dove

    OT: Best Beer

    In New Haven, not far from Archie Moore's, is East Rock Brewing. They don't do IPAs. So far I have had two lagers and they really good. But the Goat Herder IPL is amazeballs. It's like having Jack's Abby here in CT.
  24. Dove

    Can we go back to the old Husky logo now?

    Just throwing this out there...Dom Perno anyone?
  25. Dove

    Report: UConn Going To Big East For 2020-2021 Season

    Twitter can be an interesting read...
  26. Dove

    Report: UConn Going To Big East For 2020-2021 Season

    On the same day UConn officially* says "F off, ESPN!" Bob Ley announces he is leaving ESPN, too. *assuming BoT accepts BE invitation.
  27. Dove

    TV comparison - AAC vs. Big East (2018-2019)

    I will be happy with that if it means annual March Thursday/Friday and Saturday/Sunday games.
  28. Dove

    Random Thoughts

    I was going to LIKE this post and then saw it was you. I think you forgot to log out and log back in as the other handle?
  29. Dove

    Fox Sports: UConn football heads toward independence.

    We play Clemson soon? :welp:
  30. Dove

    So, Who Are You Watching On Saturdays?

    Flip This House NatGeo Wild shows Yankees
  31. Dove

    The View From Section 241 -- the NBE

    Even if UConn is 20-3 and ranked #12 in the country?
  32. Dove

    Other than spite, why wouldn't the AAC keep UConn football on a reduced payout?

    Hasn't UConn been a great member of the AAC? Never really bad-mouthing the conference. Always a professional relationship. Yes, there were pitches to upgrade to P5. What exactly has UConn done to receive a spiteful Conference eviction?
  33. Dove

    SBC deal for both UMass & UConn Football/MBB

    Is this from Googling "UConn Football" and then for kicks clicking on page 85?
  34. Dove

    Sound like the AAC is mad

    Stunning Steve is not UConn fan? Seriously? I'm stunned.