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    Like a Phoenix rising out of the ashes.....

    UConn could use a Norman Dale type story. Maybe not Briles, Someone cheap, someone with a chip on their shoulder, but with name cache that would draw recruits. And they have to have 5-6 friends that are in same position to join as coaches on the cheap. Has to be someone that fits that profile.
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    Should ESPN tell the American to make a football only deal with UConn?

    Love the optimism. Pretty soon we’ll move off of being independent to “headed for Big”. Can’t wait for that phase. The folks saying they want a steady diet of Lehigh, Holy Cross, Buffalo, umass, and other big regional rivalries are getting stale. We’re coming off a historically bad year...
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    Uconn Admissions

    Heard almost impossible to transfer into business or engineering
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    Team progression..

    they've lost 2 games this year...
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    New DC Candidate Possibilities

    I know he gets a poor wrap around here. But I could think of many worse gambles as DC. And, he can get recruits.
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    Is Cobb hurt?

    Sorry, down 30?.... Try something different. Hurleys comments ring hollow.
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    but you're quote said never. now we have one. let's build on that!!!!!
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    URI was in the red zone yesterday and they were stopped at the end of the game.
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    Hey students

    Every game I've been to at the rent, it seems there is always 5k fans milling around the concourse.
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    Can URI contain our punting...

    This part of UConn's program is firing on all cylinders. Does URI have an answer? I think this kid bangs one over 60 yards on Saturday.
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    Apologista 2.0

    why do people say this? are Houston, Memphis and UCF struggling to win? This league has proven to recruit talent. If uconn can't win in the AAC, then it can't win. If it can't recruit against UCF, USF, Houston, or Memphis then how does it recruit against Florida, Georgia or Texas. please...
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    This defense is horrible

    Good night gents.
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    This defense is horrible

    The only thing the announcers can say is how young our team is.
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    This defense is horrible

    At some point do you try something different? Not sure what that is but whatever they are doing isn't working
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    This defense is horrible

    Looking for a positive. Anything.
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    The View From Section 241

    Spot on... Offense showed some spark. Defense looked lost. Overall I think edsall is making progress. This wasn't the game where it would be completely evident.
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    DiMauro Opinion Column: The curious case of recruiting football players to the, gasp, AAC

    Wow. So now this league sucks because it doesn't have an equivalent to Texas AM or Florida? Pretty high standards... I would hardly say Houston was an afterthought that year until they lost. They were in contention for a bcs bid.
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    DiMauro Opinion Column: The curious case of recruiting football players to the, gasp, AAC

    really? houston of two seasons ago challenging the status quo and making the nation conversation wasn't sexy? UCF going undefeated and thrashing Auburn wasn't sexy? the article is lazy at best. dust off the same copy from 1 or 2 years ago, say the same old crap, rile up the Uconn fans and...
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    David Benedict Basically Blames Low Attendance on Us

    seriously???! why don't you just say it will take a NC to get fans back... the team has never won more than 9 games in a season and yet there was a pretty good following at one point. so let's just throw out complete garbage, hold the team accountable to a performance level they've never...
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    David Benedict Basically Blames Low Attendance on Us

    tickets sold vs attendance is a long time debate. pretty sure neither have to do with specifically how many fans actually show up to watch the game.
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    David Benedict Basically Blames Low Attendance on Us

    uconn's best sport, BB saw a drop when the team tanked for 2 years. and that is with a NC is less than 5 year's ago. CT culture wants to watch teams play in meaningful games and win their fair share (conf championship, bowls, etc). The fans thrive on that excitement. It is a hard sell for...
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    'You Want To Emulate Him" The Paul Pasqualoni Coaching Tree Has Spread Its Branches Everywhere

    spot on. his career speaks louder than his time at uconn.
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    Mike Anthony: UConn Teams Are Down, So Attendance Is Down, And The Rebuild Has Begun

    feel like I've read this article before or some variation of it.
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    Non-Key Tweets

    this is so 2016...
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    Developer plots mega-sports complex in W. Locks with stadiums, hotels, 500 jobs

    Drive up 84. There was a softball complex that was big for a couple years. Completely overgrown and abandoned. Around Vernon Or maybe just passed. One example. I'm sure there are others.
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    Dan Hurley Interview

    Remember the days when Uconn ran the nation's top fast break. If the other team scored, Uconn had the ball out to half-court before the other team could even comprehend what was happening. Miss those days.
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    If the AT&T Time Warner Deal Proceeds, How Will it Impact UConn Joining a P5 Conference

    I think beans are on sale at Stop and Shop this week for .69/lb.
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    AAC revenue report illustrates league's need for more lucrative television contract in next cycle

    the AAC's position is much better now than the last negotiation... There is a demand for content and potentially new suitors. risks go both ways. If the 'normal' bidders low ball, could be opportunity for the likes of Amazon, Netflix, or some other streaming service to get involved. I trust...
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    OT: I'm trying to buy a new car...

    yeah, but they run forever...
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    Borges: Roster looks to be set for 2018-19 season

    Dumb. I think blaming Hurley for getting or not getting Heron is the exact reason people think some fans are nuts. You are speculating, and then reacting to that speculation as if it's reality. He's done nothing, and yet you've created a storyline that he's either ignored Heron or kicked...
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    Should KU be worried about getting dumped from a Power 5 Conference?

    sigh..... Uconn, a mid-major. turn out the lights boys. Don't forget to lock up.
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    Aresco on 1PM show from Memphis last week

    How is it different than the SEC? I think you are looking at an incredible amount of regulation.
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    UConn AD David Benedict (not surprisingly) recommends continuing with the termination...

    I think you have to look at their contracts. If they all say same thing I agree. Think it's unlikely that is case as each contract is negotiated individually.
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    Kisunas commits to Stanford

    Maybe you hang out with the wrong people.
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    Kisunas commits to Stanford

    Why are we debating this? If my kid could go to Stanford or Duke, I’d willingly pay a couple hundred thousand dollars. Going for free to either school on a scholly, I’d be one proud papa. Good for this kid that Stanford was an option. Congrats to him! Now back to the Huskies...