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    NOW How Many Games Will UConn Win This Year?

    And that is horrible too because UMass may only win 1 other game this year besides vs us
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    OT: Michael K Williams (Omar from the Wire) has died.

    “You come at the king, you best not miss” great show, great actor. Sad that he is gone so young RIP
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    Who's your list for next HC?

    Darn I thought the experience he would bring to the table would be a good thing
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    Who's your list for next HC?

    Sam Rutigliano should get a shot. Coached at UConn as an assistant and has NFL head coaching experience. Could use that experience to lure recruits
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    Those of you want big time football at UCONN - help me understand why

    Oh you mean a program that has won multiple National Championships? Yes I agree
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    A successful 2021 UConn football season would be

    Good news there - the hoops team Is fully vaxed!
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    A successful 2021 UConn football season would be

    Getting rid of the HC would be a successful season at this point
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    We’re in BIG trouble; Purdue - 30 OS - 21

    yeah but Clemson has only put up 3 pts on Georgia so we should be fine in that one
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    Your Plans Next Weekend

    I am going. As I said in another thread the rest of the home games I am just hoping to keep it under 3 or 4 touchdowns. We aren’t winning any of the games. Maybe Krajewski gets in there and plays.
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    We need to call off the Clemson game, for the safety of our players, much like we shut down last season.

    Yes! And “learning the playbook” even BETTER than we know it now!
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    I went golfing today instead.

    I am to the point where I know there are only 4 home games left for me (can’t make one of them). I know they are losing all of those games. Will hope they lose by less than 4 touchdowns and countdown the days to November 9th which is the men’s hoops opener. What a clown show this is
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    Post Game Live with John Robinson

    UMass is “worse”. The Awful Bowl will be played in October
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    The buyout is $0

    I knew RE would do this. Last year he was like “we will get bigger, stronger and faster”. Now as we get taken apart by Holy Crap he will say “we aren’t used to game speed.” He had the excuses ready a long time ago. The only game we have chance to compete in is vs UMass. They have been worse...
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    Edsall needs to be let go tonight.

    Just got back from the game. It’s September 4th and the season is over and this after taking last season off. The only game we can possibly be competitive in is be UMass who has been every bit as bad as we have been in the last 5 years. Looking at how the AAC is going to blow up soon too, thank...
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