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    Happy 77-74!

    I don’t think they were overrated. That Dook team was really, really good. Blew out almost everyone they played. But we won and were every bit as good. UConn and Dook were definitely the two best teams that year by quite a bit. So happy we beat THEM for our first title
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    All Time Above Their Heads Performances Against UConn

    I remember a game UConn played in the Maui Classic in the early /90s where we got knocked off by U of Ohio (not Ohio State) and Gary Trent went off for them. We had 5 future NBA players on our roster including Ray and Donyell. That sucked.
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    Happy 77-74!

    And Mark Baudschun at the Globe continued to show his respect for JC and the Huskies. He’s objectively reported on UConn over the years, didn’t buy into the types of Dook or Kentucky automatic and lazy hype that most of the national media did.
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    All Time Above Their Heads Performances Against UConn

    I remember Tucker as an NBA player too. Not at Minny. Looks like the game you are talking about was in 1981. That was a little before my UConn hoops days
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    OT. Question going forward about attending games

    We got an email from the Athletic Dept the other day saying they are pausing any billing for football season tix and they are not actively soliciting renewals. I would expect that means for hoops too. If this does die down then we should see a good uptick in attendance. Depending on spring...
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    OT. Question going forward about attending games

    I guess it depends on how this all goes scrappy. But if this is still going on 6-9 months from now we are going to have much much bigger problems economically and likely something worse than the Great Depression. Don’t even want to think about it
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    Watching UConn Washington 2006

    Watching the game reminded me how loaded we were talent wise and also how frustrating the team was to watch during that NCAA Tournament. Down 12 well into the second half vs Albany, struggled with a mediocre UK squad, pushed to the limit by Washington then finally losing the Mason. Chemistry or...
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    Quarantine Replay Thoughts

    Hope you are hanging in there too boog. On the Cal game - I remember the head coach, Lou Campanelli, at the time made some comment a day or two before the game that our press was no big deal from what he saw or something like that. You KNOW JC used that as bulletin board material. That UConn...
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    Favorite UConn Hype and Highlight Videos

    Some of you may find this hard to believe but this song was being played on something called a radio during the 1989-90 season
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    Dream Season vs. '06

    2006 on paper is better than 1990. But if I was going to pick I’d take the DS team. They were kinda opposites of each other. 2006 was really the pick not only in the conference but nationally a lot of pundits expected them to be there at the end. 1990, not picked to do anything in conference...
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    30 years ago today

    UConn basketball continued its amazing season in s most implausible fashion. First Big East regular season and tournament championships, Gampel opens, NCAA tournament first two rounds in Hartford. Then this: The Shot
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    What's your dream headline for college basketball?

    The 2020-21 College Basketball Season Will Take Place in its Entirety
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    2021 Recruiting: Landers Nolley

    Plus we can now use the AAC against any school left in that trash heap. I feel good recruiting against Memphis, Cincy, etc.
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    Exodus at Wichita State...

    Fernandes committed to UMass. He’s a Woodstock guy and the former coach is an assistant there. UMass has like 6 or 7 kids from Woodstock now lol