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    OT: Ozark anyone?

    Hmmm. Season 4 we shall see.
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    OT: Question for anyone who has gone solar

    Is there anything to worry about with all those holes being put in your roof? I would imagine a bad installer might be really bad news.
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    OT: Ozark anyone?

    Ruth is the bomb!! I love her too. Season 3 was great. Just wait until the last episode. PS google the actress' Emmy winner speech, she is so different than the character
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    OT: Ozark anyone?

    That last kill was the best thing since Gus getting his face blown off in Breaking BaD.
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    OT: Ozark anyone?

    Just finished last episode of season 3. Wow. Any fans here?
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    OT: Work From Home

    Haven't been in since March. Our office lease is up Jan 2022. I'm guessing they won't renew it.
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    UConn - All Warrior Team

    Lyman DePriest, Ricky Moore, Freeman, Alterique Gilbert
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    Rahsool Diggins the recruiter

    Sir Vance-a-lot
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    Hurley Comments on Hunter Leaving

    You outed me
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    Hurley Comments on Hunter Leaving

    For the record, I'm not a Dude, but that's ok, Bruh. :)
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    Hurley Comments on Hunter Leaving

    Article in Courant this morning says talks were underway to promote Kimani when this happened. Guess Kenya wasn't happy with that (my speculation).
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    Sad news - Cliff Robinson has passed away

    Cliff and Earl Kelley were my first favorite players.:(
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    Kenya Hunter Potential Replacement

    I think it's great to have ex-Huskies on staff ...but you-know-who soured me on that. Except for Taliek. he's OK doing what he's doing.