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    Akok achilles

    wow. interesting video.
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    Game Day Haiku UConn vs Memphis

    Let's show the recruits what UConn is all about Rock the house people!
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    2022 Recruiting: Andre Jackson

    Great clip, love his personality. Not afraid of, or too cool for the camera; likes to converse. I like him a ton just watching that. Fantastic catch for us.
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    Memphis Game Is Sold Out

    ROCK THE HOUSE, people!
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    SMU ThoughtZ™

    Good riddance AAC!
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    Caption this - Cinci game

    Watch my hair.!..uh...oh.
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    Cincy Roll Call

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    Cincinnati Game tickets for Sunday

    Bad seats at the XL are "nosebleeds". Bad seats at Gampel are "no seat backs"
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    A Few Thoughts

    I kept thinking Ed Grimley
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    Game Day Haiku UConn vs Tulsa

    Did you guys ever know what Tulsa spells backwards? Oklahoma, ho!
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    Favorite player thread, revisited

    I like BAdams, with or without the locks. The look on his face, the body language, the hustle.
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    Game Day Haiku UConn vs Temple

    Here's hoping it's not the Temple of Doom tonight although I doubt it
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    Gampel's 30 yrs old this mo.

    I was there also. Back when we had really awesome seats- lower section, center court. I remember it well. I remember being dazzled by Gampel! (still love it and don't consider it a dump by any means)
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    UCF's uniform adjustments

    I don't really care that they do it, I just thought it was hilarious looking.
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    UCF's uniform adjustments

    So they are letting kids wear diapers instead of shorts now? Just as long as your shirt's tucked in, right?