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    2021 Recruiting Thread

    Wrong interpretation. Likely the likes of UConn and Kansas backed off. He may be focusing on those that are truly showing interest. As the recruiting season roles on not everybody on Medic's list remains a candidate for a scholarship.
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    Favorite Huskies That People Forget About - (blog)

    Albert Mouring Edmund Saunders
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    Question about Online Learning Issue

    My son's end of school year on-line college classes were a mix of zoom and video lectures. He had a great British History class with a very vibrant professor that was his favorite class until they had to go on-line. Although the lectures were on zoom, the class just totally lost its luster...
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    Duke fans hate UConn

    The intangibles of UConn 4 titles is that they kept Coach Ratface from willing 2 more titles and also kept Calipari from willing 2 titles.
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    2021 Recruiting Thread

    Already saw that on June 17th. Most top Texas OGs have committed out of state (Ohio St, Auburn, Oklahoma). Walker will be on many recruiting lists this fall. I was expecting Pajuste to commit to UConn if Walker had discussions with HCRE. That didn't happen. This one will be a long waiting...
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    Our last few hours in the American.

    We all found out the location of East Carolina. People from Connecticut went to Tulsa.
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    2021 Recruiting Thread

    I would take Pajuste with no hesitation given Walker’s situation. You can shift one of the OG’s to DT if the position becomes crowded.
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    2021 Recruiting Thread

    Edsall's tweet for the Tyler P commit had only 9 blue/white circles and 9 100s. Same number as when Hardy committed. Walker may already be off of Edsall's list.
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    2021 Recruiting Thread

    Have difficulty thinking is is Jackson. everything is pointing to TCU. Maybe Terrance Anthony?
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    UConn Player Highlights: 2005-2006 Season

    Marcus made it look so easy and he made a lot of money for other on the team.
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    2021 Recruiting Thread

    UVA has three WR out of their 13 commits. Taking a 4th this early in the recruiting year may not happen. I like our chances against the other two schools.
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    cheating at Duke????

    They will keep appealing until the get a judge that went to Duke.
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    UConn/Temple & UConn/FIU Football Series Announced

    That may be the case. Army and UMass are two easy drives on the away schedule so a die hard fan could still get in 7 games without being on a plane.
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    UConn/Temple & UConn/FIU Football Series Announced

    UConn still has three openings on the 2021 schedule and that is going to take some more wheeling and dealing. There are currently 5 aways (Fresno, Army, UMass, Clemson, and UCF) and 4 homes (Holy Cross, Purdue, MTSU, and Wyoming). So there is a need for 1 away and 2 home games. One glaring...
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    2021 UConn Football Commit - Yakiri Walker (DeSoto Texas)

    I don't remember Edsall having 2 OLs this early in the recruiting cycle. OLs are ususally camp guys or late bloomers that have quality senior tapes. UConn is getting pretty close to a potential all TX offensive line in a few years. Oforu-Nyadu, Rochester, Lundt, Walker and Sakiri are all TX kids.