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    Stock trading

    The day trading that is frequently referenced in this thread is far from investing. That’s not to say the kid couldn’t learn a lot about probability and statistics from learning how to play blackjack or craps. But, that’s not investing or learning about business fundamentals.
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    Stock trading

    Honestly, why teach a 13 year old how to “trade”? Why not have him research a company and make a long-term investment to track. He will learn about business and the stock market?
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    Maple Syrup Great Vermont company and family owned. You will find their branded product in most supermarkets.
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    OT: Best Beer

    Excellent beer!
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    Our last few hours in the American.

    Honestly, we have no one but ourselves to blame for the mess we made in the AAC. We should have been the marquee program in hoops from day and then Ollie went sideways. In football we should have been plenty competitive and theN P came on followed by...........oh never mind........
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    Running back Depth

    Dixon was a very physical runner. At one point this program had Brown, Dixon, Frey and Todman on the roster. They moved future NFL journeyman Reggie McClain from RB to DB During that time as well. Fwiw, I think Mensah is the best back we’ve had in the program since Todman.
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    Theories on recruiting improvement?

    I've seen too many disparities over the years with recruiting at this level to believe that high school football players can be rated with this level of granularity. Projecting the physical development alone is a huge wild card. Sure the 5* and probably a good chunk of the 4* are pretty sure...
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    2021 Recruiting Thread

    Remember when we had a LB crew of Lutrus, Lawrence, Sio Moore and Lloyd? I don't know anything about Mr. Henderson, but if he wrestles at 195 he probably walks around at 210 and evidently he can run. Let's put 20 LBs of muscle on the kid and start building a LB unit...… opposed to...
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    2021 Recruiting Thread

    At that size my guess is the kid can really run. We need speed on special teams desperately.
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    Theories on recruiting improvement?

    Edsall is recruiting athletes he can develop. I expect him to try to start using the redshirt as liberally as he can. I suspect he was shocked and horrified when he started to assess Diaco's recruits, especially when it came to speed. I don't think Edsall and his staff have all of a sudden...
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    Stock trading

    Be careful my friend. You are treading in dangerous waters and I don't even think you know your feet are wet.
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    2021 UConn Football Commit - Tyler Phommachanh (Stratford CT)

    I love ya Biz, but that is some of the most tortured use of the English language I have ever read
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    Stock trading

    I'm reducing my management fee...…….oofa!