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    25 Years of Dominance

    Weird that they completely skipped over 2000! pretty cool otherwise.
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    OT: Before hitting the "Normal" button...

    The comparison of an infectious disease to various other causes of death is really meaningless. We think of 911 as a horror and it changed our world in countless ways, but a death toll of 3000 is meaningless when compared to 126,000 killed by the tsunami in the Indian Ocean in 2004 or whatever...
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    OT: Before hitting the "Normal" button...

    I would have thought so in terms of Sweden and Norway, but according to the John Hopkins world map which is about as good as data gets, Sweden cases are continuing on a pretty steady line (not exponential but not flattening either) while Norway is pretty close to flat lining for all of May...
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    OT: Before hitting the "Normal" button...

    dogged1 - Well ... the current percentage exposure estimate in Sweden is 7.5% of the population - herd immunity starts kicking in at 70+% - so if the death rate continues in Sweden, they will have 42,000 deaths before they reach 'saturation' levels. At the current rate in Norway 3 months/236...
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    OT: Applying for initial Medicare coverage

    I turn 65 in a week and just went through this - ugh!!! I travel enough and have enough medical issues and hate HMO type insurance because of the restrictions they impose on providers, so I went traditional medicare over the advantage plan. You can sign up for medicare 3 months in advance...
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    OT: Before hitting the "Normal" button...

    There is a pretty simple comparison out there in the world for what social distancing means - Norway reacted quickly closing down everything and Sweden has left most everything open. Sweden populations is 10.3M and Norway is 5.3M. Sweden has to date 35,700 cases and 4,266 deaths, Norway has...
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    O.T. Uconn drops SAT for 3 years

    Interestingly, I think this can cut both ways - most everyone understands the limitations of standardized tests and from good high schools with good teaching and good facilities there is plenty of other information available for admissions to evaluate applicants. Having worked at one point...
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    Question about transfers TO UConn ???

    Rita Williams is probably the most impactful transfer into Uconn - arrived from JC with three years of eligibilty and was a really good point guard filling the time between Jen and Sue. She is one of three Uconn players to have recorded over 100 steals in two or more seasons (Nykesha 3, Moriah...
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    The most underrated

    I'll throw another name out there - Charde Houston. She suffered since her career fell into one of the 4 year windows of limited success and struggled with Geno all four years - but she stayed and she played and played well. Was really happy that she had success as a pro.
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    The most underrated

    Kaili McLaren is another post player like Kiah Stokes who came off the bench for her career. Kelly Schumacher is another post who gets overlooked. Feris of course but also Jes Moore, Strother, Conlon, Ashley Battle, Barb Turner, and Crockett from the 2003 and 2004 teams - everyone talks about...
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    NCAA Women college recruiting analysis

    I think the article is a little out of balance - top 100 recruits is not really a valid criteria in WCBB - the drop off from say the top 25 (or 30) and the next 75 is significant. And the drop off in the talent even in the top 10 is significant. I would rather have seen it listing top 25 and top...
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    Sue Bird is so fun to listen to

    Fun catching up with Kerith Burke as well. Miss her Uconn coverage
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    Geno and Diana on Instagram

    that was fun - two of the best bb people ever
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    So Azzi Just Put This Up

    Just a correction - Jefferson only had one bad year as a 3 pt shooter - her freshman year. Her last three years she shot .418, .496, .431 - that .496 was one made three short of matching Sue Bird for the best single season 3 pt percentage, and her career .420 is good for 5th place ahead of Lou...
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    Lister Resigns

    That is a 'stock phrase' in resignation reporting and has no real meaning since unless the person is retiring or won the lottery, they will be working somewhere in some profession. I wouldn't read anything in to that phrase.