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Recent content by uchusky32

  1. uchusky32

    Why isn’t Diggins playing?

    Hurley doesn't think he's better, yet, than those who are playing? Am I missing something?
  2. uchusky32

    OT: Seeking advice for new dog owners

    The best advice I can give a new owner is keep that damn poop out my yard. 32
  3. uchusky32

    Lincoln Riley weighs in on Oklahoma to the SEC

    They will have 3 loses most seasons when they enter the SEC.
  4. uchusky32

    Stepping Stone vs. Destination Jobs

    OK is about to realize they won't be in the college playoffs for a long time unless they expand the amount of teams. At 4 AL, GA, OH ST or B10 winner and a 4th which probably would be Notre Dame or PAC or Clemson. OK will have a hard time getting to just 1 loss and could easily have 3 most...
  5. uchusky32

    Isaiah Whaley Appreciation Thread

    Really happy for him. Plays hard. 3 looks like it shouldn't go in but I'll take it. Misses some bunnies but has played to his potential.
  6. uchusky32

    Diggins Johnson Springs Time

    Maybe a little burn, no and no.
  7. uchusky32

    To much up the middle

    Some of Edsalls offensive philosophy rubbed off on Danny?
  8. uchusky32

    Late Game Management

    Danny needs top intervene much more last 5 minutes. They don't know how to closeout games and he has been to stubborn about this.
  9. uchusky32

    Executive Decision - No Briefs Today

    Let's us no how wearing no underwear goes today.
  10. uchusky32

    UConn is now 2nd in the country in scoring

    This is a stat I thought would never mentioned with us this year. But Sanago is a beast. And we do have decent to good shooters.
  11. uchusky32

    Props to Tyler Polley

    Big game. We needed him and he delivered.
  12. uchusky32

    A game like this is just what the doctor ordered!

    We had to win this game 3 times to get credit for 1 win.
  13. uchusky32

    2023 Recruiting Stephon Castle Commits to UConn

    Welcome to Husky Nation, Stephon!
  14. uchusky32

    Fixing Your Shot Over The Summer

    Shooting in the gym is different then shooting in a game. Big difference. He is not confident, yet.
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