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    UConn has all the goods to go all the way

    Before 2011 and 2014 i wouldve agreed with you. Ive learned that anything is possible.
  2. TheChamps990411

    2023 Recruiting  Ray Allen III (No UConn Offer Yet)

    Nothing, i repeat NOTHING is owed to RA. If his kid is deserving of an offer than it should be made but not because of his name. Give me a break.
  3. TheChamps990411

    What is your favorite potential Lineup?

    Cole Bouk Jackson Whalley Akok That would be fun and could score a lot of points if Jackson can hit open shots.
  4. TheChamps990411

    Greatest College BB Programs Ever

    I remember when St Johns was good year in and year out. It all changed when they changed their name to "Red Storm" lol!
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    2022 Recruiting: Clingan Update

    I fully expect him to be a husky. Id be shocked if he went anywhere else.
  6. TheChamps990411

    2022 Recruiting: Clingan Update

    Plot twist: It was the water boy.
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    NBA Draft Thread

    Wish him the best but he sounds like an absolute train wreck in waiting.
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    Robinson Cano suspended for 162 games

    Its Diaz not Nunez btw. I dont know a single met fan that thought that was a good trade and nobody liked BVW so your a legit met fan lol! Could not agree more with everything you said.
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    Talking UConn with Dick Vitale

    I think you nailed it. sums him up perfectly. I agree he shouldve retired.
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    Borges: All LOIs Received

    Looks like Uconn is entering its second renassaince. Renosance? get what im saying.
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    Uconn picked third in ESPN Poll

    Lol! How old are you? 30+ year Uconn fan here who experienced the battles in the Old BIg East from the 90s up until the 2010s. But you want to lecture me on how tough the Big East is? How cute.
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    Uconn picked third in ESPN Poll

    Id really like to see Gtown become a consistent top 25 school again. I miss having big games against them. It just feels like cbb to me.
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    Gervonta Davis vs Santa Cruz

    so dont waste your time. Im not going to. Hes also a ped cheat.
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    Gervonta Davis vs Santa Cruz

    Agree. I didnt even watch the beat till after on YT. Not paying a scent to watch him cherry pick like Floyd. Tanks a good fighter but hes not beating Haney,Lopez,Garcia or Loma. The kid i see becoming the cream of the crop is Shakur Stevenson. That kid is just special.
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    Gervonta Davis vs Santa Cruz

    Hes a douche from all accounts and his actions.