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    We are NOT an 8 seed

    This guy is brutal.
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    Springs Scores

    We do though, Akok is a stud. Hurley and staff have been working with Springs a long time. Sanogo is going to be the best big in the league.
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    Springs Scores

    I don't understand why people are worried about having 4 bigs for next year. We only play 3 this season.
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    6 guys in double figures

    Just responding to what you said. This is a much better team at sharing the ball and every other way than they were. The new players adapted to this level and the team drastically changed with the addition of Bouknight and Jackson.
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    6 guys in double figures

    Ball movement is way better lately than it was earlier in the season, night and day difference.
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    The Reason For It All- Sanogo

    Nope, I'm convinced a lot of fans don't know what a travel is.
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    Seton Hall's Bubble is About to Pop *NM

    No Bouknight or Jackson.
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    Duke is horrendous

    Was curious so looked it up earlier, 9 players ranked between #12 and #49 coming out of high school. It's now down to 8 players since Jalen Johnson left school.
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    Gaffney! WTH man?!!!

    He'll be playing mostly at shooting guard next season since we have Diggings coming in. Should see a major jump in his game.
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    Kenpom #24

    Let's win the next 3 and get a #4 seed.
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    UCONN BET Hype Video

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    We are NOT an 8 seed

    Love me some Rothstein.
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    "He's the best athlete I've ever seen in person."

    I've been saying this since day 1. He's the best run jump athlete we've ever had and he's a point guard.
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    Any objection to our 3 seniors starting Saturday?

    I never liked it in an important game, tomorrow is an important game. Honor them and I guess you can start them but the four of them on the court together is a really bad lineup and I don't want to get down big early. First sign of any troubles sub them out.
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    Brendan Adams Graduating in May

    3 open. Cole, Gaff, Jax, Rese, Akok, Sanogo, Springs, Diggins, Hawkins, Samson. I'm more talking about we all of a sudden aren't crazy deep. It's hard to get 3 good contributors in Spring/Summer.
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