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    OT: Best Fried Chicken in CT

    So many small town and burbs people in CT. are scared of Hartford, Bridgeport, New Haven,'s hilarious.
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    OT: Best Beer

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    OT: Best Beer

    What my friends do is go to that good BBQ place up there and then go to Treehouse. It's all pickup only now but non-Covid I'm sure you could have a fun day there. It's a beer campus, do a bunch of tasting. I had fun driving around CT. going to breweries last month, there's some good places.
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    OT: Best Pizza in CT

    Looks like a Chicago tavern pie or a frozen pie with good toppings.
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    OT: iPhone store —stuffy?

    All stores are showcases now, there is no retail left. You should see what it's like in downtown Chicago, same for NYC.
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    OT: Best Beer

    I'll never understand the people who drive well over an hour/hours to wait in line and buy 4 packs to bring home to drink on the couch. The whole point of these places is to make a day or weekend out of it hanging out doing flights, jumping from one place to the next.
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    OT: iPhone store —stuffy?

    We're only 5 posts in and the unintentional hilarity is already off the charts, thanks Terry and Dupester!
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    Rothstein Tweet after attending practice....

    I think Seton Hall is being overrated. Losing McKnight, Powell, and Gill is huge.
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    Recruiting 2022: Avery Brown

    Avery Brown on Twitter: "Blessed to receive an offer from Virginia Tech https://post original url/Tp1FmxSTAy" / Twitter
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    OT: Best Beer

    I just had some beers recently that had to be 5 years old and they were fine.
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    Top Newcomer Rankings

    He's ranked #50 in the composite and ranked #35 by ESPN, considering ESPN did this newcomer list it's strange.
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    Big East expert picks, 2020-21 preview from

    These guys do legit write ups.
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    OT: Lopez / Lomachenko. Who You Got?

    Awful by Lomo, he looked like a dude who hadn't fought in 14 months. Don't take the fight if you're not going to throw punches for over half the fight. Fighters make fights and Lomo wants to be a professor/scientist until there's a few rounds left. Throw your hands...
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    OT: Best Fried Chicken in CT

    Had Willie Mae's and Coop's, need to try Fiorella's.
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    OT: Best Fried Chicken in CT

    I remember an interview Cypress Hill had a million years ago and they did a gig in the area. They went looking for a bar in Bridgeport and ended up in a pool hall. They said 12 year old kids kept coming up to them trying to sell them guns and crack. They never even heard of Bridgeport before...