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    Diggins Johnson Springs Time

    Coachn I think the closest you ever got to playing in an actual game was elementary school playground where you were picked last. I think even most is the special Ed kids were picked ahead of you. Chill out
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    Transfers - Outbound part duex

    Good luck to him. Going to be a lot of new players here soon
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    Game Week: UConn vs #24 Houston (Senior Day > Saturday 11/27/21 @ Noon on CBSSN)

    Unfortunately nobody liked RANDY and he didn’t have the respect of almost any of the players or the coaches.
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    Jim Mora Expected to be Named HC

    3 years would be great if productive
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    True story....

    Great story!
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    First order of business for Mora

    I watched the game. As soon as the ball was snapped there were at least 2 defensive players IN THE BACKFIELD. I don't care if Zac Prescott is back as our QB you have to have at least 4 or 5 seconds to throw. I was actually surprised at how Ryan Van Demark was so totally dominated . I am not...
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    Jim Mora Expected to be Named HC

    wow one of the stupidest comments I have ever seen on the boneyard!
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    Jim Mora Expected to be Named HC

    There is only one thing important here for any coach we hired. We have to be able to bring in players from the transfer portal and Judo players in large numbers. If we can do that the new coach can be successful . If we can not bring in Transfer portal players we will continue to lose no matter...
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    Coaching search…

    Do you know his wife personally? Or are you related to Lashlee?
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    Skip Holz?????

    No La Tech is not a power 5
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    Who's your list for next HC?

    Why would he take a pay cut?
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    Who's your list for next HC?

    The monkey would probably be a huge improvement over some of our current athletic staff.
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    Who's your list for next HC?

    totally different world
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    2020 Army-UConn football game rescheduled for 2033

    Honestly how many of the boneyard will even be alive in 2033?
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