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    Hurley, transfer portal, "total chaos"

    He has had a major issue in the past because UConn doesn’t have the places to hide academically that they need. Many of the players even from very good schools really have accomplished almost nothing academically so it has been difficult getting them in. Do you think new president is more...
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    Kyle Filipowski Update

    Not sure about that. I think we have offered him a scholarship.
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    Kyle Filipowski Update

    I think this kid should be a major priority for Huskies. He just keeps moving up in the rankings by outplaying the competition. He is local to us as well.
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    Starting lineup for first game in November

    I have not read one sentence on Akok in months. Absolutely nothing! Is he still working out with our staff? Are all of his injuries calf, quad etc healed? Is he definately coming back next season? It is possible that I missed information on him so if anyone has seen anything please let me know.
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    Now that Tyler Polley is coming back

    I believe there is almost 1,200 players in the transfer portal. I can't believe that we want to Polley back. He is an inconsistent shooter and a poor rebounder and defender.
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    Donovan Clingan

    clingan is a totally different type of talent. He is an excellent passer so he can dish to different players all over the court. He also finishes everything around the rim for a dunk. I know everyone on boneyard thinks he is a lock for the huskies but I would not count out Michigan at all...
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    Starting lineup for first game in November

    I think that will depend on his tendency to foul. He can foul out of games in 12 to 15 minutes
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    Transfers - Outbound part duex

    big difference in the level of competition. watching us play some of the P 5 schools a couple of years ago I could not believe how small our players were in comparison. Hopefull we have closed the gap.
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    Why is it that DH had the team playing such a slow tempo

    We did not have the personal to play much faster. A lot of our players couldn’t finish at the rim which didn’t help.
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    Which transfer do you most want if you are Dan Hurley?

    I like rocket too but he is a below average shooter so that doesn’t help us much.
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    Jordan Hawkins Slam Dunk Contest

    I think he is around 6’3” with sneakers.
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    UConn Spring Football 2021 begins...

    The only thing that is depressing is that huskysupporter is really a Husky Hater. Lets see how the team is this year. I spoke with Dave Benedict when Uconn signed Hurley. I asked him if he thought it was a good decision to hire Hurely ( I was really kidding since I thought it was a tremendous...
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    Self gets lifetime deal

    New Englanders are considered extremely frugal. I have several friends worth in excess of 30 million dollars who think it is a big deal that they purchased tickets for all of Uconn sporting events. They donate maybe 1000.00 per year.
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    UConn Spring Football 2021 begins...

    The first thing I want to see is the entire team vaccinated so they can train without any restrictions.

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