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    OT: ESPN predicts 2 bids for American University

    Power 6 Logo if ever I saw one.
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    2022 Recruiting: Clingan Update

    Fixed it for you: Donovan, "Enjoy the ride son, and choose where YOU feel most comfortable. It's not about me, your friends, or high school classmates having access to seeing you play in person in college. You'll be spending four (three or less if you become the NBA-ready stud many predict) of...
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    This team will never take the next step with Hurley as coach

    The Early troll catches the...
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    Big East and NCAA tournament question

    The loser would advance...LOL Imagine, you could lose 5 games and be National Champions winning your last.
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    Oregon coach Kelly Graves thinks all freshmen wbb players hit a wall

    Paige has hit the 30 point wall. She is struggling to make the 40 point wall.
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    Senator Murphy’s Legislation on College Athletes

    "Paige don't go to UConn and make a paltry 500K a year. Here at Texas we can get you to 5 mil a year." Said a Texas Booster.
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    Great Quote From Hurley

    Chief is Dead Chief is Dead
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    What Can UConn Do To Be Competitive If an Opening Comes Up In ACC?

    Show me how Alabama brings in 50 million?
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    What Can UConn Do To Be Competitive If an Opening Comes Up In ACC?

    YES...those schools contribute to their fair share of Conference Revenues. FSU and Clemson are the Big Money Drivers in the ACC. Therefore they should start their own conference and play each other 10 times? Imagine the payouts...LOL The Big Teams need teams to play to get the ESPN...
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    Chief’s Briefs - DePaul Edition

    Great Three Point Shooter.
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    If I were Danny Hurley...

    Pistol Pete? Yea no 3 pt line but would be in top 5 prolly. Sort of like who was the Best Long Range Shooter in UConn history. Notice I am not saying 3 pointers. The Poughkeepsie Popper of Course.
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    If I were Danny Hurley...

    Hurley needs to recruit guys like this, you can't defend them.
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    Best Dive Bars

    Fells Point in Baltimore has a couple of old Trough bars. LOL
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