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    What an absolute joke

    Just walked out of the Rent 1. Get a realOC 2. Defense has no pride 3. Why is the turnover machine (JZ) still playing in the 4th. 4. Game day experience still horrible. 5. No fire on the sideline how this school expects anyone to support this program is beyond me. horrible
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    We’ll need to be able to run the ball tonight.

    Wind is whipping. Could be the first ever two hour college football game
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    And the 9 games for 2020 so far are...

    Score one for Benedict. Article beautifully sums up the scheduling strategy. This is a win
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    Lincoln Millstein’s Opinion: UConn football’s shame (Hearst)

    Y’all expected someone named Lincoln Millstein to be a supporter?
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    The Day's Mike DiMauro Defends Edsall

    If we’re being intellectually honest his first few years shouldn’t count with the transition to 1A. Throw in the picking up from Fiasco and the math is bad. Really bad. But he needs to show progress in the back end of this year
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    Ryan Griffin

    You can’t stop Ryan Griffin. You can only hope to contain him
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    To Dave Benedict

    I think this is a fair take. But man the misery seemingly doesn’t have an end point
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    Randy Edsall Is A Fraud

    But he’s not a fraud He’s a high character guy that’s losing badly
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    To Dave Benedict

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    Randy Edsall Is A Fraud

    Randy is the farthest thing from a fraud. His players will tell you that. But 2.0 is not working
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    To Dave Benedict

    You want to hire someone who’s not working ? John Madden perhaps?
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    To Dave Benedict

    You can’t bring anyone in now. Everyone we’d want has a job. Cmon man. Everyone’s under contract during the season
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    To Dave Benedict

    TJ? Seriously? Because he wore short sleeves on cold days? We can do better than that
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    To Dave Benedict

    Don’t know about that but Benedict hired Randy because he knew what it took to be successful here. But circumstances have obviously changed
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    To Dave Benedict

    It is peculiar how invisible he’s become