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    Where would Mandeldove be on this year's team?

    he's probably 2nd man off the bench. if you have gaffney/wilson @ 6 than mandelove is 7
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    Transfer portal - outbound

    Coyle is FBS but I can’t wait to see where some of these other guys land
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    Who is this guy?

    I’ve always wondered who the big guy is with the beard that sits directly behind Hurley at almost every home game
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    2020 Recruiting Thread

    With Addazio out we need to flip Jah Joyner from Danbury
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    Rutgers football coach debacle

    Schiano to Rutgers is back on
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    2020 UConn Commit #14 - Robby Rochester (Southlake Texas)

    Zach Hurd came in weighing 293...
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    2020 UConn Commit #14 - Robby Rochester (Southlake Texas)

    dude I love the optimism but people aren’t coming into our program and making those types of transformations.
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    2020 UConn Commit #14 - Robby Rochester (Southlake Texas)

    What makes you think that?
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    Polley rebounding fun fact

    Guy is as soft as a pillow but he’s a prolific practice shooter so let’s give him the benefit of the doubt!
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    Hurley’s next move

    Was his 25GP last year shooting 38% with a 1.5/1 assist to turnover not a big sample size enough for you? Then he rolls in this year looking absolutely good awful and you don’t think he needs a reality check from the head man with a benching to start the game. Your just as complacent. Shake...
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    Hurley’s next move

    What has alterique shown your blue glasses that you think he should be the pg right now? Throw up bricks left and right and turn the ball over? For 5-7 minutes to start the game yes someone else should start and have AG come off the bench. Send a message.
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    White Out Sunday

    they should ask the 3500 fans that go to bring two extra white shirts to cover all the empty blue seats
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    Hurley’s next move

    drinking with your wife right now
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    Hurley’s next move

    correct me if I’m wrong but Hurley had a system in place this summer to track hustle points and Brendan Adams won and he doesn’t start. AG in particular is starting based on pedigree because the effort and results simply are not there