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    Really Impressed with Andre Jackson's Passing

    I thought he didn't get control of too many of his deflections. Too often, it ended up rights back in the hands of the guy he tipped it from. On several occasions, I noted that he got a tip, and then reached for the ball instead of diving for it. Ended up touching it with his finger tips, while...
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    Donyell Marshall

    I would put Okafor's last season ahead of Donyell's. Mek made his season saving freethrow. Yell didn't. Case closed in my mind. I have never forgiven or forgotten those misses.
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    Game Day Haiku

    Not unlike the team, not quite ready for game day hope team does better I received clearance yesterday, to go fishing. hooksets on Friday!
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    Game Day Haiku

    Donyell's team is bad But he's a Huskie legend should we show mercy? No. No, we should not Bouk, Zay Sanogo, et al champing at the bit. They are the Kraken and need to be unleashed now! Decimation... nigh.
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    OT: Best BLT Sandwich In CT?

    BLT-plus -- the RichZ way. Lightly toasted Rye -- With caraway seeds. Mayo -- with just a touch of spicy brown mustard mixed in. Lettuce -- iceberg. The thick, crunchy white part. Tomato -- tough getting good tomatoes this time of year, but there's got to be a little of it, even if it's not a...
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    Isaiah Whaley

    Yes, it's in a different category. A real nickname. Those others are contrivances made up by unclever people trying to appear clever.
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    Isaiah Whaley

    By that logic, we would need new nicknames for Bouk, Gaff, etc.
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    Pearl, Person, NCAA

    Somehow I have trouble with the whole Bruce didn't know nuthin' narrative. And Auburn voluntarily forgoing post season play that only has a 50/50 chance of happening...
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    What is your favorite potential Lineup?

    Kind of surprised to see so little love for Gaffney. Everyone wants to put a newcomer in over the guy who took over the point when we finally found success last year. Cole will get his chance, but I think Gaf will surprise the cramps out of the boneyard. I've got Gaf, Bouk, Tyler, Whaley and Sanogo.
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    OT: What are your Thanksgiving plans?

    For the past 25 years, we've had Thanksgiving at my daughter's. She lives 15 minutes from us. But neither of the grandkids is there any longer -- Granddaughter is in Vermont, Grandson in Michigan. So it's just the two of us, and the two of them. Being the epitome of the high risk couple, we are...
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    Isaiah Whaley

    From AMORE'S Bouk article, " ...learning from Alterique, from Christian, from Zay [Isaiah Whaley].” If Zay is good enough for his teammates, it's good enough for us.
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    A year after a misstep marred his UConn debut, James Bouknight is primed for next-level stardom

    New nickname for Whaley? "...learning from Alterique, from Christian, from Zay [Isaiah Whaley].”
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    UConn has all the goods to go all the way

    Every now and then, you see a new post, and just from the title, you know whose post it is. This post is example A in illustrating that phenomena.
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    Butler Fan Capacity

    Who is going to police social distance, and how? I see groups of 4 or 5 teens, masks around their necks, walking down the street together in a bunch. I tie my boat to a 4 foot wide dock and get out to go get the trailer. here comes two or three guys walking up the dock together. The look at me...
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    Butler Fan Capacity