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    OT: Old Westerns

    Sorry if I missed this one but I always liked "Lonesome Dove."
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    OT: Before hitting the "Normal" button...

    Do you believe people and business owners should take some of the simple precautions available to protect others? Wearing a mask is simple enough and they are readily available. Washing hands and using sanitizer seems easy. Putting up plexiglass barriers between employees and patrons when...
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    Budget Cuts will require UConn to cut some (not all) athletic programs

    Why don't they get rid of some of those highly paid coaches and hire some cheaper ones? Just made me think what Geno would be worth on the open market. Do you think TENN would pay him big bucks to wear the Orange? Would he like Indiana as his new home? Could Duke afford him? Just thinking...
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    OT: Movies you probably never heard of but ought to check out.

    Big Night if you are a Monk fan or Italian Restaurant fan.
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    Dan Olson: "The Best Recruits I've Seen"

    I looked into Dan Olson before my comments about him and it seems he is owner/director of The Collegiate Girls Basketball Report (The coaches source for recruiting). It will always baffle me how he came up with DD as the third best recruit. Unfortunately I don't watch any recruiting videos...
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    Dan Olson: "The Best Recruits I've Seen"

    It is apparent you are a Diamond fan while I am not. If the story is about best recruits then we are to believe that Diamond was the third best recruit Olson has seen in the last 20 plus years? That is hard for me to believe unless he has been living in a cave. If he hasn't seen all the top...
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    Dan Olson: "The Best Recruits I've Seen"

    I will say one thing about Deshields...… I like .her sense of humor. When she was asked if she was the best high school player out of Georgia and she was reminded that Maya was from Georgia..... she said she was the best. How can you not love a person who is that hilarious.
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    Dan Olson: "The Best Recruits I've Seen"

    So as the story goes, do you agree she has become one of the top 3 WNBA stars from her recruiting status behind Maya and Stewie. All I heard from you was about her potential and blaming her lack of success on the coaches or the high expectations of her team and nothing about her greatness as a...
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    Dan Olson: "The Best Recruits I've Seen"

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    DiJonai Carrington top-3

    I don't know much about 22 year old women any more, but she seems high maintenance. I wish her the best at Baylor or Oregon.
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    O.T. Name a University bordered by....

    I was suffering some cabin fever so I made it up. Just curious who would be the first to notice. Great job, you are the winner.:D:):cool:;)
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    OT: One Argument to Open Colleges

    Caint nobodee tell me that collage lerning aint good for noone. Upper skool lerning aint for evryone but somes peeple gets plenty of benifit from it. Youze get out what youun put inter it.
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    O.T. Name a University bordered by....

    Langston University Myatoba River