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    Mens BBall Forum - How old are you?

    I'm 58, Tony Hanson, Al Weston, Joey Whelton and John Thomas from Bogalusa Louisiana were my first favorites. I would always cheer for the NVL guys. Abro, Hanson, Murray Williams, Edmund Sanders. Me and some buddies had a couple of drinks with Edmund before a UConn game at the Civic center a...
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    Yahoo's 10 Greatest Final 4 Games

    It was a memorable finish for all of us!
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    Happy Easter

    Edward G Robinson was great in The Ten Commandments, The Cincinnati Kid and Soylent Green. He is one of my all time favorite actors.
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    2004 UConn vs. Gonzaga

    Gonzaga has one guaranteed pro in Suggs. They almost lost to an 11 seed last night. UConn 2004 would have routed them.
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    OT: Roy Williams retires

    Why would Hubert Davis leave a lucrative media job if there wasn't a tacit agreement that he would be next? I've got him at even money. They are not going outside the family for a new coach.
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    OT: Roy Williams retires

    I'm hearing Allen Iverson is available.
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    2022 Recruiting: Donovan Clingan

    Success Adjustment A non-boundaried school that has won two trophies in the same class over the past four school terms, and at least one trophy in the past two school terms, is subject to the success adjustment This is what Illinois did to attempt to level the playing field. Illinois has...
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    OT: Cronin Complains About G-League

    There is no working agreement between the NCAA and the GLeague. They are separate entities. The kid wasn't poached. He was offered an alternative. The NLI has consequences within the NCAA but means nothing to the GLeague. The kid didn't quit he chose a different path. What type of penalty...
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    OT: Sidd Finch in transfer portal

    Novelist Jonathan Dee, who was working as Plimpton's assistant at the time, described Plimpton at the time of the writing of the article as "a wreck". Dee wrote years later, "Nothing, he knew, falls quite so flat as a bad joke. This alone is reason enough for me not to try it again. Hopefully...
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    OT: Sidd Finch in transfer portal

    Past your bedtime is hilarious (and true). 18 year old looking at first Hustler should have been 13 year old Absolutely one of my poorer efforts and that list is long. My apologies to all.
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    OT: Sidd Finch in transfer portal

    Guy once made 300 consecutive 3's in practice. Can hedge out on guards and recover in the lane without fouling. He can screen and rock and screen and roll. He once took a quarter off the top of the backboard and left bitcoin. I can't find any film of him on Youtubes. He was at Harvard but...
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    Who Will Be the 12th Big East Team?

    BE won't take Dayton because of Xavier. No way on UMass. SLU maybe. Zags pipe dream. VCU c'mon man. Rhody no way. Gosh, our Tourney fog is bad. Let's leave well enough alone for now. Brown is not leaving the Ivy's. @BigErnMcCracken how did you end up at the most liberal of the Ivy league...
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    Hurley will never take UConn to the next level

    @Tenspro2002 your points are valid. I just think the state of the program is in a different place then in the years you point out. The years you mention were great and some regression could be expected. Our accomplishments this year - third in the BE, a 7 seed and first round loss is far from...
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    Hurley will never take UConn to the next level

    No around the bubble next year. No regression allowed. UConn will be a five seed or better next year. I'm not sold on DH as an in game coach, yet, but I think he knows how to grow a program and I don't see a step back next year.
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    It's been put to rest the Big 10

    Yep overrated. I thought Michigan and Illinois were ranked correctly. I was skeptical of OSU and Iowa. My son is an Iowa grad and we have had an argument about Iowa for years. My point is Fran McCaffrey(my least favorite college coach) never coaches any defense and until he does Iowa won't go...

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