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    Villanova Postgame Thread

    As close to a perfect game as they have played so far this year. Marquette has to look at that game and say "uh oh."
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    UConn vs. Villanova Badass Award goes to...

    I agree with Christyn getting the award. Excellent game!
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    Top 3 Things You Want To See Against Villanova Today

    Continued defensive effort. Liv and AAliya playing hi lo effectively Improved outside shooting
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    Nika this morning!

    I am very surprised to see that. I was concerned it was a high ankle sprain or worse where she was grabbing it after she went down. Hope she takes the time to let it heal. I don't want a KLS repeat where a sprained ankle (it that's all it really was) ended up requiring surgery after she...
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    Prognosticators Tournament Game 2 (Villanova) Predictions

    UConn 81, Villanova 63.
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    #11 Clemson vs #6 Notre Dame - 3/04/21

    The Irish may score more points next season, but they will also need to start playing some defense.
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    Biggest worry in March

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    Prognosticators Tournament Game 1 (St John's) Predictions

    Huskies 83, St. Johns 56.
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    Makurat Returning For Big East Tournament

    Good new indeed! Especially for Anna's health.
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    Can anybody make a case for someone other than AE for the Big East award?

    You are all assuming that Nika won't make a sophomore jump? Admittedly not all players do, but with her apparent drive and what we hear of her work ethic, I think it's reasonable to assume that she will improve going into next season. Azzi has a reputation of being a can't miss player and she...
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    AE Big East Freshman of the Week

    It's a Canadian thing...;)
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    Marquette Postgame Thread

    Didn't see the game but looking at the box score it looks like it was an ugly game.
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    Prognosticators Game 22 (Marquette) Predictions

    25 point MOV. UConn 87, Marquette 62.
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    Butler Postgame Thread

    For awhile there I had flashbacks to Arkansas, but they played pretty well for the last three quarters of the game.
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    (OT) What's been your reaction to Covid-19 vaccine ?

    Wife had Pfizer. First shot was a piece of cake. Second shot had a headache. Sore arm both times of course. I had the Moderna vaccine. First shot, nada. Second shot from 12 to 24 hours felt like I had the flu. And sore arm both times.
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