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    Andre Curbelo

    Took an unofficial here in December.
  2. NowInStorrs

    SEC/B12 Challenge (AAC Involvement)

    If Tulsa leaves, can we renegotiate a higher price?
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    Juco F Andre Allen

    That's a lot of schools. Also, what does UCONN stand for? University of Connecticut of Northern Namerica. I got nothing.
  4. NowInStorrs

    Does anyone know the staff’s actual plan?

    Hopefully the staff does
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    Valdir Manuel (JUCO)

    I'm pretty sure it's just anyone who's not Chief, but you'd have to ask him for his official definition.
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    St. John's coaching search

    How many people have said they're not interested now? Lol.
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    Khadim Sy article

    ^ That's the happiest I've ever seen someone in a Pitt uniform.
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    Valdir Manuel (JUCO)

    We sure are "involved" with a lot of dudes for 2019 for not having many scholarships to play with...
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    OT Zion Williamson returning to Duke

    I don't think I could handle another year of Zion infographics and Zion cams.
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    Precious Achiuwa generic update

    Could explain why we haven't nabbed someone from the transfer market yet if Precious is still a real possibility
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    SEC/B12 Challenge (AAC Involvement)

    Yay. We're involved.
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    Precious Achiuwa generic update

    Would it help if we gave bags of money to a few non-athletic students as well?
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    Precious Achiuwa generic update

    UConn is listed first. I don't want to overreact, so I'll let someone else do it instead. Give it about 20 minutes.
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    Title game thread

    UVA on a huge 2-0 run
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    2019-2020 Preseason Top 25

    Mostly hungry for some bacon jalapeno Mac and cheese.