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    OT...Kitchen Knives for home cooking

    Global knives are great - for me. But now having my knives custom made for me from a guy in Vermont. I don’t really need a third cleaver or 4th chefs style knife, but the guy does beautiful work. My wife has said you’re going to have $5k in knives by the time your done (that’s not true) but...
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    Sid Wilson gets waiver

    i would have looked at in the same way -enrolled does not equal attend - except for ncaa purposes
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    UConn - All Warrior Team

    If Taliek hasn't been mentioned people are nuts. That guy took from fans for years and was nothing but friggin a friggin hoss.
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    Worst restaurant experiences you have had

    Sushi place on the UES in the late 1990’s rst ran out of the kitchen and against the wall and i lifted my feet and it ran under me. Had a roach crawl out of the bread at Les Halles
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    OT: New Grill Advice

    I've had mine for so long I've forgotten when I bought it. I dispensed with the cover - it's used all year in upstate NY. I've had to replace burners, "flavor bars" and grates, but it's still cooking and cooking pretty darn well. Of course, I know the hot spots which makes a big difference.
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    OT: Fishing

    Kayak for fishing are, ok. I’d much rather be in a self bailing raft like a Sotar or a low side Clacka drift boat. But I’m not a still water or salt person. My father does have a shallow draft 21’ parker stripped down for fly fishing. Its a great boat to fish out of
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    Is Edsall trolling us?

    Hasn’t the entire second act to date been a troll job in the fan base?
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    bourbon and such

    I get it, but i never bought to sell. I only sold the PVW because a friend of a friend wanted it for something and nobody i knows drinks bourbon so I'm going to drink it my myself - thats really no fun for a bottle like that. So i end up buying a lot in the 50-150 range for dailies. I...
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    bourbon and such

    Be interesting to see if you can find it - I stopped by WP last year and most there had never seen a bottle of it, which I found odd, but unless you've been there since the beginning perhaps it's possible tjeyve never seem a bottle Im glad WP changed their approach a while back their BS cloak...
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    bourbon and such

    For the life of me I can't understand how review writers do it. God bless you folks. I've been eyeing my stash of original BMH. I'm in the midst of deciding whether to put a lot into Sotheby's and fund another land cruiser restoration or just hold and drink. I did just finish a bottle of the...
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    bourbon and such

    EC used to be age stated at 12years, but that stopped in ‘16, now it’s a mix of 8-12yo juice and its still very very good. Two great barrel proofs are Elijah Craig BP and Stagg Jr. The regular Stagg is allocated and you’ve have a hard time getting a bottle for anything near retail. Starting...
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    bourbon and such

    Goodness i could do chapter and verse on this topic. I’ve got 150 bottle of bourbon and rye. Just ordered another 15 bottles from Astor. I started grabbing bottle in the late 90’s - i used to send friends PVW it was very easy to get. The 15 is the best version of PVW to me, but its not as good...
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    Any updates on Sid Wilson?

    He should be at a place like Siena, Albany, UVM
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    California state university system cancels fall classes on campus

    Yeah it pretty much sucks and people learn differently and if you've been thrust into this as a teacher it really sucks. It's a totally different teaching conversation. There's an article in the journal (maybe) that talks about how colleges are investing in retraining professors to teach online...