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    Other college baseball games across the country

    That was an unbelievable comeback by BC! Great to see a team from up North win 2 out 3 in SEC country! Plenty of good talent in the northeast and congrats to BC keeping them home. I would love to see a 3 game series against BC, home and home and flip a coin to see who gets home field for game...
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    Other college baseball games across the country

    BC took 2 out of 3 at Duke and is now ranked as high as #18. We get them twice, home and away. It would be awesome if both teams are ranked for those games. New England has talent, no reason to go down south anymore with these two programs.
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    Espn article about conferences vs geography.

    I’m not sure leaving the AAC was to position the football team to get into a P5 conference. There are only two P5 conferences that fit geographically, ACC & B1G. Neither of those conferences have ever shown an interest in UConn. There are a total of 4 spots available between those two...
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    UConn @ #5/#16 Virginia (Friday 2/19/21 @ 3p > Saturday 2/20/21 @ 1p & Sunday 2/21/20 @ 1p -- All Games streamed on ACC Network Extra/ACCNX)

    Penders has done a very good job for a long time. He finally has very nice facilities to recruit and develop talent. The New England region has 3 good teams this year in BC, NU and UConn. All 3 in different conferences. NU played very well at Wake despite their first round pitcher Deane having...
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    Updated -> UConn vs. #11 Boston University (2/20/21 @ Freitas Ice Forum @ 4p on CW20)

    That is really strange. BU does not have the firepower of BC, but they have a couple of huge defenseman. We will probably get Maine next weekend and end with UVM. Beat BU and sweep the next two series!
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    Espn article about conferences vs geography.

    BC is going to be really good under Hafley. The ACC needed and wanted larger TV markets and well you can’t have an Atlantic Coast Conference without Boston. The next realignment will happen with the B12 and the PAC 12. They might just do a joint media deal or Texas, TT, OU and Ok St could join...
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    UConn v. #2 Boston College (Friday 12/11 @ Kelly @ 6p on NESN / Saturday 12/12 @ Freitas @ 3:30p on CW20)

    Another good hockey game, end to end. Lots of talent even with 6 players gone to WJC. 3rd UConn goal was very nice. Maybe things are starting to come together for Cav. He is a good coach and learned from the GOAT. I wish they would hold the playoffs in April. Give the teams a chance to get a...
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    UConn v. #2 Boston College (Friday 12/11 @ Kelly @ 6p on NESN / Saturday 12/12 @ Freitas @ 3:30p on CW20)

    UConn looked very good after the first period. They look like a top 4 HEA team. I really don’t think Knight would have stopped any of those 3 goals.
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    UConn v. #2 Boston College (Friday 12/11 @ Kelly @ 6p on NESN / Saturday 12/12 @ Freitas @ 3:30p on CW20)

    Your goalie played a great game! I like the job Cav is doing, team skated very well in the 2nd and 3rd periods. Very entertaining hockey to watch. Sucks we can’t get into these games.
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    It's time

    We were beating BC in the first quarter last year and look at how much their program has improved. They crushed Miami! Programs can turn around quickly in both directions. Randy is building for the future by not playing the young talent now. He wants to field junior and senior led teams. The sky...
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    Whipple outcoached Edsall

    It’s tough to lose, but I’m really happy this game, THE U GAME, is back on the schedule. Both programs are building and if our alumni would just buy the tickets we could sell out Gillette. This game should also be played every 3rd year at Fenway.
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    Who’s your adopted team this year?

    I keep an eye on all of the New England and northeast teams. BC because of their schedule and the fact that they are a measuring stick for our program. Watched Penn St the last two weeks and caught the SU -Clemson game a few weeks ago.
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    BC Athletic Initiative

    They can spend 500 million and they will still suck with Adazzio and Christian. Their new practice facility will help attract better coaches. We need to hire Don Brown to replace Edsall ASAP.
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    2018 Offseason

    Cav is doing a great job in a very difficult conference. It takes time to build a solid foundation and there are always valleys to overcome. A 6th place finish is more likely in my opinion, but other than BC, there is no team that we can’t beat out for 2nd. There will not be a big difference...
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    How the Disney/Fox Deal Might Help UCF Get into the Big 12

    9 of the 10 teams in the Big 12 will end up in the other 4 Power conferences. Iowa St goes to the MWC.
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