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    2020 UConn Football Commit - Tre Wortham (Stockton CA)

    Welcome Home Husky
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    OT: Kobe Bryant dies in helicopter crash

    I hope his family wasn't with him. Damn
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    So who is our best player so far?

    CV and it isn't relly that close. That's the problem. Akok and Bouk are next.
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    Game Changing Play?

    AG' last two trips to the line have to be it. Honorable mention to the coach who thought he was filming a Hoosiers meets Rudy mashup.....what the hell was that?!?!?!?
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    One of the strangest endings ever

    Be careful, if they think you are criticizing the Chosen One you might be banned from the board. That chit was unbelievable
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    2020 Recruiting: Cliff Omoruyi Top 5

    I wouldn't laugh at Rutty here. From the very little I know, they feel they have a real shot with him.
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    Astros/Red Sox Cheating Scandal

    Because it is the Boston Way. Culture is hard to escape or overcome.
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    Dave Leitao

    "Not including" the one who won a National Championship.........Wow
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    Why do so many posters thing Hurley is poor at player development?

    It is not too early to judge coaching ability; which has been lacking. It is way too early to talk replacing him; which no one is saying. The fact this coach is immune to critique to many here is laughable and strange.
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    In more positive news, Bazz picking it up

    Ouch! This will accelerate the trade.
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    Astros/Red Sox Cheating Scandal

    Cheating is time honor tradition for Boston teams. Celtics tampering with heating, college fixing scandals, The Pat's inventing new ways to cheat, and of course the sox. The absence of cheating there would be news.
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    Unexcused Absence: Why Is College Football Attendance Tanking? (SI)

    Simply a shift in technology and options. If you are middle-aged, your parents had to go to the game as tv was rarely an option. So it was a family event and became tradition for many. Once we grew up television was greatly expanded, but local teams were often blacked out in their home region...
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    Orlovsky on UConn Head Coach/OC position

    The last alum did win a national title...