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    NCAA March Madness Team of the Decade

    Surprised boat over thabeet as well. Boats the man but ht was a NPY level player and all American I think.
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    Which is the better UConn cheer?

    Always loved our knockout chant for fouling out. So obnoxious.
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    Chasing Ghosts: Calhoun looms large, but clouds parting at UConn

    With all our seniors having seen a lot of court time every year they’ve been here, in their respective roles. Josh Tyler Isaiah Sven a junior adams will give us a lot of upper class experience. Now for that to be winning experience.
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    UConn out on Valdir Manuel

    I like him a lot!! Looks like what we wanted from Durham..
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    UConn in the Summer League

    Don’t forget swin cash is the front office shot caller. Go huskies.
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    UConn in the Summer League

    Just thinking. Does swin sign Jalen just for love of Connecticut?
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    Shabaaz Napier to the Warriors?

    Kerr loved bazz and boat and the idea of 2 scoring point guards on the floor. He announced that 2011 championship game before leaving to Oakland. Bazz may be a secret to everyone but him.
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    Kemba Celts

    Stevens gonna bench due to 2011 outcome.
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    Philly Cheesesteaks

    Is it pats and Genoa next to each other down town? Pats meats are better but the bread is better at gs
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    Philly Cheesesteaks

    Get the Italian pork. Best in the city.
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    Celtics Pursuing Kemba Walker?

    And one reason why Stevens is in the league as his golden child. But yeeeaass. Such middle level talent with as many highs as lows.
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    Joining Big East is Right For UConn

    I actually think Hurley would respect him shirting this season to play big boy basketball in beast
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    Basketball TV visibility will go down in Big East

    True. But the augmented New York market may shake things up quite a bit.
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    Poll on conference membership

    Going Indy may help overall with recruiting etc as the opportunity to be a sacrificial lamb to the big boys may still give us more tv time and visitors pay.