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Recent content by Lefty2one

  1. Lefty2one

    Kemba on the Knicks

    Unfortunately it is the right decision but it's still hilarious that Thibs bailed on Kemba so quickly when he was in love with trash pail Elfrid Payton for two whole seasons.
  2. Lefty2one

    2022 NBA Mock Draft

    Eh, Thybulle is the best perimeter defender of a prospect to come out in god knows how long. Kid walked into the NBA as one of the top defenders in the sport and made All-Defense in only his second year. That's absurd for a perimeter player.
  3. Lefty2one

    Explain to me why we didn’t bring in another point guard???

    It's been clear that Gaffney is a combo guard and he leans more towards being an SG than a PG. While Martin is a huge asset for us, playing him at the 2 is problematic. He's a wing and a modern smallball four against certain matchups. It is incredibly tough to beat good teams with a single...
  4. Lefty2one

    Kemba on the Knicks

    That is one heck of an optimistic view on the situation.
  5. Lefty2one

    Dan Hurley's Offense Year 4

    This is one area where it's tough to make any assessments having only played low-majors. Half of our roster can penetrate at will against these teams. It opens up everything. Plus we can dictate pace. We'll see how it looks against the big boys.
  6. Lefty2one

    Hawkins - The couple 3s he took didnt fall but he legit looked like an NBA athlete out there

    The first time I watched both of them I knew they were NBA players who wouldn't spend four years on campus. That's what I meant. The specifics are irrelevant to my point.
  7. Lefty2one

    Hawkins - The couple 3s he took didnt fall but he legit looked like an NBA athlete out there

    Similar first reaction to when I saw Bouk. We'll be lucky if he's here past his sophomore year.
  8. Lefty2one

    Fixing Your Shot Over The Summer

    His shot looks better but it's still very stiff and mechanical. There's no way he's comfortable with it yet.
  9. Lefty2one

    OT: UCONN FINTECH Offering

    I've wondered about trying to get into fintech. I've 15 years experience at MSPs doing network systems administration (and putting smiles on clients' faces). Not a ton of programming, mainly Powershell, but I've dabbled enough in Python, Ruby, etc. It's not that hard to learn once you've got a...
  10. Lefty2one

    About last night…

    It was impressive how quiet the board was after the game. That's a rarity. Not a damn thing to complain about.
  11. Lefty2one

    TV Coverage for first game on FS1

    Same. I'm leaning towards DVRing it and watching it over breakfast tomorrow. All this nonsense isn't worth the effort.
  12. Lefty2one

    OT: Anyone else obsessed with setback / pitch!?

    We played endlessly when we were growing up. HS study halls, until 4 AM on the weekends, etc. We eventually moved on to Spades, though still play setback from time to time if we want something a little more mindless. Both are great games.
  13. Lefty2one

    OT: Henry Ruggs

    This guy should rot in a cell for the rest of his life but I doubt it will happen. What a remarkable amount of negligence rolled into one horrible situation. Young people generally do stupid things but this is so above and beyond that it's indefensible. That being said, this is the NFL we're...
  14. Lefty2one

    Bouknight Preseason Debut

    We need this thread renamed to the "Booknight Rookie Year" thread. It's going to be busy with highlights.
  15. Lefty2one

    Ot Knicks canned by Comcast

    Whoa, this is big news. The only reason I still have Comcast is for MSG (yes, I'm a masochist). I never wanted to go the "alternative" route for watching their games but I guess we've come to that point.
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