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    Talk me out of talking myself into 7 wins

    I think we have a SOLID chance to outpoint Vandy this go round. We SHOULD be a better unit, considering all the changes that went on @ Vandy... (new coaching staff and all)... It takes time (normally) for teams like that to get things moving in the right direction. Only team I can remember...
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    Talk me out of talking myself into 7 wins

    We're not beating UCF. IF we do then we're A LOT better than anybody thought we could be.
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    "UConn president Thomas Katsouleas is resigning"

    Ummm... what the heck is going on?????
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    Thoughts on Scholarship players

    Tyrese Martin needs to be more of an Edmund Saunders type for us, but at SF. Be more of a glue guy than one if the top offensive options for us night in and night out. I think we were a little too dependent on him in that perspective. If he has a night here and there, sire, let him loose, but we...
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    Transfers - Outbound part duex

    Back to FBS... Best of luck to the young man....
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    Donta Moore (former UConn Football standout)

    Geesh, Marvin Taylor posted RIP for this former UConn football player (during Edsall 1.0)... Gone too soon. Wonder what happend... Prayers to his family
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    2021 Recruiting Thread

    We need to take advantage of this extra scholly loophole now. With that said I wouldn't be surprised one bit if we grabbed a QB ready to play NOW.
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    2021 Recruiting Thread

    Honestly, with all the P5 kids that have jumped in the portal lately, I'd be extremely disappointed if we didn't scoop a few up....
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    2021 Recruiting Thread

    Dannng! I didn't see that second '21 commit... BCU has been have a bit of a mass exodus as of late.. just sayin.. hmmmm????
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    2022 Recruiting Thread

    Would be nice to end up being as good as the art our media team comes up with for us...
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    2022 Recruiting Thread

    Love the sight of that Block C signal....
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    2021 Recruiting Thread

    No wonder the talk of him linked to us died down. Congrats to the young man. He's a Pro now.
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    FCS Playoff game last night

    Although out of season, pretty decent game. Southern Illinois and S Dakota State played hard solid football... (embarrassingly speaking, looked better than us over the past several years).... just sayin... I'm enjoying this stuff...
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    Tyler Coyle

    How bout them Cowboys!
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    Head Coaching carrousel mania for 2020 begins

    Amazing... laundry list of candidates.. Wonder if UConn ever had one this big... with all our facilities and stuff... Buffalo vs. UConn??? wow...

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