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    Ccsu and Uhart games

    I hope we, respectfully of course, beat CCSU by 50 and UHart by 150
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    Brimah signs with the Indiana Pacers

    He's been overseas already. He played in Serbia in 2018
  3. KSC94

    Brimah signs with the Indiana Pacers

    Looks to be another Exhibit 10 deal
  4. KSC94

    Brimah signs with the Indiana Pacers

    He signed an Exhibit 10 deal with them for 2019 camp. Was one of the last ones waived. $50k is $50k
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    Congrats Mark!

    And the women just got another #1 overall recruit. Good day for the dogs
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    Gregg Marshall being investigated for allegations of misconduct

    You think he'll dip on Wake Forest so quickly?
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    UConn season tix email?

    I meant that there is no incentive for the "lend us your whole ticket cost but don't donate anything" option over the "get a full refund" option
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    UConn season tix email?

    Why in the world would your run-of-the-mill person let UConn hold their money for a year instead of getting a refund if there is no incentive to it? Crazy to me
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    Fans at games?

    If you let me in I will scream my dick off in support
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    Fans at games?

    I can't believe they're not offering a roll-over option. I'll happily loan the AD my ticket cost for a year but I'm not just giving it away
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    Fans at games?

    My ticket rep called me yesterday to discuss options for people who bought for this season. I was at work; he's supposed to call back today. Said certain options will be "more incentivized than others"
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    Jalen Gaffney now ready to unleash ‘above-the-rim athleticism’

    The "guards from New Jersey" bit very well could be my favorite ever on the yard. What a ridiculous hill to die on
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    From UConn MBB Twitter: First Practice in the books

    I think he'll end up my second favorite player ever by the time it's all said and done
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    2022 Recruiting: Clingan Update

    He's pretty raw, not crazy athletic, doesn't play for a big time AAU team, plays in a public school league in CT. That said, no I don't think there are 6 centers better than him
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    Hurley quotes from first practice

    I figured Jackson was a good kid based on some quotes and the fact Hurley wanted him so bad, but this kid seems really, really bright. I like it