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    2021 Recruiting: Adama Sanogo update

    I call people what they prefer to be called because it's more important than being grammatically correct.
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    OT: Dark Simpsons: Homer Is Dumb as a Mule and Twice as Ugly

    been binging seasons 1-10 this week. No one will ever be able to convince be seasons 4-6 of the simpsons isn't the best television.
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    Al in Portal

    I hope he tears it up wherever he lands. Kid deserves to see success.
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    NCAA Extra Year of Eligibility

    If this were to happen, do you guys think CV would come back or go be a 6th man on a top 10 school? If I'm him and choose to stay in college, it's probably not at UConn.
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    Ivy League Cancels Hoops Tournament Here yah go pal
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    A little hope for CV

    What a needlessly callous attitude.
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    NCAA Tournament Officially Cancelled

    more than very likely.
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    This may be the dumbest idea but...

    Harsh for whom? What’s the risk assessment here? What threshold would we need to pass to make you think it should be cancelled, if you think said threshold exists at all? Genuinely asking.
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    This may be the dumbest idea but...

    At this point I’m going to be genuinely disappointed if any games are played. It’s going to be devastating to not see this teams full potential, but to what end? Who really cares in the grand scheme? Don’t risk it.
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    Jeopardy - UNC vs Syracuse

    Name any two teams because the tournaments not happening.
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    NBA suspends season

    Italy just went into it’s most extreme lockdown: all businesses but pharmacies and groceries closed. We can expect the same in a few weeks if we don’t take drastic action now.
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    NBA suspends season

    This. It’s a game.
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    NBA suspends season

    This is the right move. All NCAA tournaments should be cancelled. A sport with sweating, spitting, and contact puts the players at incredible risk.
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    Ivy League Cancels Hoops Tournament

    Those numbers aren't very inaccurate, as we're not testing. Most health orgs are putting the infected number upwards of 10,000 as of today.
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    AAC awards

    lol yeah I understand what unanimous means. I don't understand how anyone could leave a player like Cumberland off their list.