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    USA Today hands out grades for every team

    Based on expectation going into season and where arrow is pointing "B" is a fair grade. We were coming off a 2 win season with concerns about our coach and heading into this year with a decent defense but with new QB and young offense with only one senior and seven sophomore starters...
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    Don Patterson Retiring

    Big shakeup on coaching staff is not needed as think some stability is needed as pretty sure the last three years there has been a different OC and offensive position coach which then time is spend on building relationships, adjusting to style and philosophy of coach. Defense while having a...
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    Let's talk punt returns

    While we often do not bring back returnable punts, think part of the issue is lack of serious rush on punts as we do not really come in hard, this allows coverage team to just run down field to cover and punter to take their time and get off a strong kick.
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    Season Retrospective

    Coaching: Overall improved, especially in focusing on winning games, lot less crazy talk. Defensive got good results and did much better on outside containment as that was an issue last year, still more pressure would be nice instead of bend and break all the time. Offense, Verducci had his...
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    UConn football team has a chance to rewrite a better ending to season (Fuller)

    I think we will see much better effort and result in the bowl game. After five rough years last weeks win and bowl eligibility was rightfully celebrated, however this set up this weeks bad loss as Temple game became anticlimactic as more than any other sport emotion and motivation are major...
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    Byron Jones event 4/12

    Nice story to tell for the coaches when they hit the recruiting trail on the upcoming spring visit period starting April 15th. With the draft pushed back to end of April the timetable fits nicely.
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    Huskies Will Have More Depth This Season (Des)

    Some more on O line from UCONN athletic site. Diaco seems happy with line development (probably due to Balis impact and further exorcising the GDL demons). Looks like Crozier locked in at center and four of five spots are nailed down. Also some great comments about Sean Marinan and Nick...
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    Uconn - 22nd toughest schedule in the country

    Not an easy schedule but do not think it is anywhere near 22nd. Anyway does not make a difference if 2nd hardest or 122nd hardest, just need to win more games as much more important where we rank in December not where our schedule ranks in March.
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    Spring Practice #7

    Good article from Silver. Looks like Shirreffs doing well and consensus from different reports is that he has the edge, Walsh is very much in the mix and have a feeling the incoming freshmen kicker has good shot of winning the kicking competition...
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    Phil Mushnick: What's your point?

    It is not a knock at UCONN but the NCAA. Mushnick has written articles about West Virginia and other schools and amount of travel and classes missed by student athletes due to travel. We had little or no choice as we were left at the altar when the music stopped. He feels like many of us...
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    UConn Revamping Roster With JUCO and Transfer Players (Triantafilidis)

    An occasional JUCO for position of dire need is OK like the new Juco QB but not sure if bringing in lot of JUCO guys who often are there because of grades is way to build if you want to be attractive to Big 10. If you look at Kansas State and UCONN profiles, our SAT scores are on average...
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    Join the Big East, Park FB in the MAC

    They would not take us as they want to have all conference schools all in on all sports. That is reason why UMASS left the MAC is that the conference told them they had to move all sports, specifically basketball to stay in conference.
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    Transfer coming?

    Think because played season and transferred for spring puts it into gray area as can be looked at as gaming the system by NCAA , if he went to community college all year than non issue and would be eligible this year. Either way great pick up.
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    2015 Spring Roster is up

    From looking at last year's roster on ESPN vs. spring roster looks like Balis did good job getting the team bigger. About 2/3rd's of the players are heavier and probably some who lost weight Fakusaki (9 lbs) and Shirreffs (17) were probably designed weight losses for quickness. If my count is...
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    2015 Spring Roster is up

    Looks like it was just updated last night or today as old weights were listed. Interesting about Walsh, seems like a good athlete and with Clax starting gives him a chance to get on the field and make an impact, think it is a good move.
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