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    Most unique or odd sports quotes

    Antoine Walker: "Antoine, why do you shoot so many 3s?" "Because there are no 4s"
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    Test 780B

    15. Atari 17. Lizzie Borden? 20. Stevie Nicks inducted as a solo artist this year, previously inducted as part of Fleetwood Mac 21. Hello Dolly. ?? It's so nice to have you back where you belong. 24. Winter of discontent -- Shakespeare -- Richard III 25. ...she walks into mine. Rick to Sam in...
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    Songs about Edumacation, etc.

    School's Out -- Alice Cooper
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    Rebecca's 50 Number Being Retired

    UConn has not previously retired numbers -- they've had the best players go up on the Huskies of Honor. If Hall of Fame is the criteria, it will stay a very small group until Diana and Sue retire and go into the Hall of Fame.
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    Your Favorite Movie Game

    "We'll always have Paris"
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    General knowledge test #578A

    4. When Harry Met Sally, The Princess Bride 5. Nothing in life is certain but death and taxes -- Ben Franklin? 7. Gary Hart 9. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
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    Test #578B

    17. Our Town 18. Louisiana? Asjha's hometown is Piscataway, N.J. 20. Cyrano de Bergerec and Green Card 24. Eat meat on Fridays? 25. Cedar Falls, Davenport
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    Test #574B

    14. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington starring Jimmy Stewart 15. Nothing Compares -- Sinead O'Connor 16. Special Weapons and Tactics 19. I Love Lucy 21. Young Frankenstein
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    General knowledge test #574A

    1. Bolivia 2. Solidarity -- founded by Lech Walesa 4. Bermuda? 7. Makes recreational pot legal 10. Broke the land speed record
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    Get A Dog

    What a beauty!
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    General knowledge test #569A

    8. Saffron 10. B 11. Tsunamis 12. If you don't have a dream, how are you going to make it come true? 13. Hong Kong
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    General knowledge test #568A

    2. Animal Planet 5. You Make Me Feel Brand New 6. Bolivia
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    Test #568B

    14. Head of Microsoft 21. Wolf 23. Wilma Rudolph 24. Heartburn 25. Lou Gehrig
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    Test #566B

    15. Hummingbird 18. To so few 19. Czechoslovakia now known as the Czech Republic (or Czechia) and Slovakia
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    General knowledge test #566A

    2. First ship to cross the Panama Canal 3. Deadheading? 6. The look like cream puffs, but are filled with cheese rather than a sweet filling. 11. Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone -- Canada