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    2021 Recruiting: El Ellis

    Sool is from new jersey so i’d think we’d have a good shot because of that too
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    2021 Recruiting: El Ellis

    I never doubted Chief’s declaration
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    2021 Recruiting: El Ellis JUCO update 5/21/20

    Where is this at? Asking for a friend ofc
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    Javonte Brown-Ferguson DPOY

    He definitely isn’t athletic but the 7 foot part is nice
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    New Andre Jackson highlights

    As if today hasn't been good enough
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    2020 Recruiting: Adama Sanogo IMPORTANT UPDATE.

    This is on hoop hustle right now not sure if they know something already
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    2011-2012 UConn Player Highlights

    This is the one i’ve been looking forward to the most
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    Andre Jackson Might be better thatn Bouknight

    You should watch this game and temper your expectations a little bit
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    Anecdotal Update on Andre Jackson

    So 78% as of january 27th
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    Anecdotal Update on Andre Jackson

    In a recent game the announcer said he was shooting 78% from the ft line so that bodes well for his supposed improvement with his stroke
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    You have a lot of interesting opinions
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    2020 Recruiting: Cliff Omoruyi Top 5

    Still had a better game than josh did today lol
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    2020 Recruiting: Cliff Omoruyi Top 5

    Lol there is so much wrong in this
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    Chief00’s Briefs - Nova Edition

    Jermaine samuels has been a 24% 3pt shooter all season him going 4/6 today definitely didn’t help