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Recent content by John

  1. John

    Men Fall men’s soccer schedule

    just like football
  2. John

    Hurley going all Kyrie Irving

    Round earth is overrated, just win championships.
  3. John

    Duke soccer: Stay classy fellas
  4. John


    try the lake trout :)
  5. John

    Loyola Chicago to the A10!

    I thought this is what happened as well - also, the reason we were asked was because HC said no.
  6. John

    Good Girls Revolt

    watching it now, it's a very good series and strongly written and acted.
  7. John

    Shame on the Courant

    the Courant is border-line fish wrap at best. It's a tragedy what that paper became.
  8. John

    Colgate beats Syracuse

    You hate to see it
  9. John

    Men Fall men’s soccer schedule

    someone's gotta retire, and soon.
  10. John

    The school that realignment left behind: Inside UConn football's collapse - Adelson @ ESPN

    If I recall, there was a lot of media speculation that the infractions we got nailed for were just the beginning and that more would be revealed with time. We weren't known as the UNLV of the East (lol) for nothing. Of course, time revealed that other programs had taken infractions to the...
  11. John

    The school that realignment left behind: Inside UConn football's collapse - Adelson @ ESPN

    BCU and Pitt were always marginal athletic departments (a few up years, but nothing really notable). I think the only surprising one is Cuse.
  12. John

    Buying full BET ticket books

  13. John

    I love the Valley

    there's a special mutation of melonheads living in the valley, Shelton I believe.
  14. John

    Which BE fan base are you least looking forward to welcoming into Gampel/XL

    Georgetown fans can be a bunch of toolboxes.
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