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    Azzi announcing tomorrow 11am

    I'm watching. she's introducing herself.
  2. JeannoCT

    UConn season tix email?

    not yet
  3. JeannoCT

    UConn season tix email?

    For the football tix and donation, they were offering 2X the points. Did anybody do this?? I did, and I haven't seen the points added to my account.
  4. JeannoCT

    UConn Baseball 2021

    Can anyone go to these games?? And is there a schedule?
  5. JeannoCT

    2020-2021 UConn Men's Hockey

    Not sure who is doing the social media for the hockey team, but they are doing a great job with Twitter and Instagram this summer. It's nice to meet the new Huskies, and see what the veterans are doing this summer. Looking forward to a great season.
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    2020 College Summer Ball - UConn players

    the July schedule is up! I don't know how to link it - google Connecticut Collegiate Baseball League.
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    2020 College Summer Ball - UConn players

    Thanks so much. I’ll keep looking too.
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    2020 College Summer Ball - UConn players

    Anybody know where I can find the schedule for these collegiate games?? The website has nothing. Thx!
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    Has everyone renewed their season tickets?

    I renewed my men's and women's tickets. Hoping for a season.
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    UConn’s plan for cutting $10 million from its athletic budget will be presented Friday and could shape the department for years to come (Amore)

    Agree! Plus my football tickets, men's basketball, and associated seat donations. Baseball too.
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    Best UConn sports broadcasters

    Chris Jones for sure.