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    Countdown to The Big East and Fox Sports

    Fun thread guys, thanks for keeping it going.
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    OT EU promoting insects as meat substitutes

    WOW, steak was expensive in Canada 12 years ago compared to US steak last year! This straight outta /pol/ screenshot set off my BS detector so I wanted to know just how bad it is. Looks like Google says this cut was going for $22.43/kg CAD in 2019 which at today's exchange rate would be $16.03...
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    favorite hot sauce

    I just got a bottle of Marie Sharp's because the store was out of my regular and DAMN IT IS GOOD. Before that, I had been buying up all the local Stop & Shop's Sontava, (regular habenero, not that mango habenero junk)
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    2011 BE tourney final vs Louisville on ESPNU now

    Big East refs stopped calling fouls on anyone guarding Kemba during the conference season. At least, that's how I remember it.
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    Dan Hurley Game Breakdowns on Instagram

    DH is a passionate guy and once in a while he is going to run his mouth, show someone up, or go over the top with pumping up players/fans in a way that benefits the other guys more than us. The press articles make it sound like he's toned it down the past few years, but I don't think we want it...
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    2020 Recruiting: Adama Sanogo to UConn

    One of the articles said Sanogo likes to model his game after Embiid.
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    Any Idea on Sanogo's Announcement Date??

    Personally, I'm taking it as a GREAT sign that it got deleted. A new BY legend gave us fire from the Gods. If it wasn't such a great gift it wouldn't have had to be removed. I just hope Sanogo 'smells blood in the water', and that the team actually gets to play basketball next year.
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    Longtime Boneyard Poster Passed Away - Robertelamin

    Awful news. I'm very sorry for your loss. Far too young, far too many of these posts lately.
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    OT: Burner/temp sms #?
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    OT: Peloton reviews?

    Here's some gold...
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    Tyrese Martin to UConn

    I may be mis-remembering, but didn't just about anyone who asked for a waiver get a pass last year? We just didn't ask with Cole because he didn't want to use a year alongside Gilbert. It gives me hope that even if the rule doesn't take effect this year, Martin still might get eligibility...
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    Songs about foods

    I'm stretching it here, but really...could he just get a Pepsi please?
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    Happy 77-74!

    Amazing that Saunders even attempted that strip given Brand's "POWERFUL HANDS"