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    OT: The eight perfectly made films

    Moby Dick The Cain Mutuny Treasure of the Sierra Madre On the Beach 2001 In Harms Way 20,000n Leagues Under the Sea
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    Afraid of Competition?

    There are a huge number of talented players coming out of HS and from overseas. Only a few of them can come to UConn. As long as we get our share, and in every position, AND, most importantly, if UConn can continue the unprecedented run of getting the transcendent players, there is nothing to...
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    Autumn enters transfer portal

    Agree, I don't know if she was offered any athletic scholarships out of High School; but, her year at UConn and going into the portal from UConn has to put her in a much belter position for a scholarship and into a better program. A lesser known fact about college is that if a student does well...
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    Cardoso to transfer[merged thread]

    But, did your cough sound like "Cordoso?"
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    Cardoso to transfer[merged thread]

    I do not think that "a sniff" warrants "a pat on the back." perhaps a wry, imperceptible smile.
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    Any info on Shea’s staff?

    Didn't Shea say that, as of now, her husband was going to be the taking care of the baby full-time?
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    How will the minutes be distributed to all players next season?

    I think that the minutes played will depend on who UConn is playing. (barring injuries) At the beginning of the season- For when the A game is required, it will be a 9 player rotation with Paige, Christyn, and Edwards getting 30+ minutes, ONO, and Nika getting high 20's, Azzi and Evina getting...
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    2021-2022 NC

    Geno will have the luxury, more than ever before, that if he is dissatisfied with the performance of the first string, of benching them and putting in the second string. No one, not even Paige will be guaranteed playing time. This will be payback time for hitting him in the butt and not holding...
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    Shea's New Digs

    I think she has a bigger, nicer office tnan Geno. But perhaps his seems smaller and jumbled because of all the trophies.
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    BY Census: What’s your age?

    I think I'm the youngster- of the 75 to 84 age group. It is all relative.
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    Shea --Missing The Big Picture.

    Clearly, there are a number of great potential replacements for Geno. I do see any of them not wanting to become the Head Coach at UConn, regardless.
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    Is the UConn System Still Relevant going forward?

    An easy way to judge the success of the UConn system is to look at the recruiting classes. Based on that, the system is working better than ever because UConn has been attracting an uninterrupted string of incredible classes, that include the best player in the class year after year. In...
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    Who Do You Want To See UConn Play Next Season?

    STANFORD...STANFORD...STANFORD Arizona. I do not care that they are losing Aari. they have a very good recruiting class already signed and could get more based on almost winning the championship, Most importantly, they have a great, great coach.
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    We have a lot of depth next year..but is it the right depth?

    UConn is getting exactly what Geno needs. They are filling every weak spot in the team. A legitimate center, Three excellent 3 point shooters, with Fudd possibly possessing the best shooting stroke ever (college and NBA men included.) The other two really tall and agile players, who according to...

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