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  1. itsasport

    Paige's Running One-Hander is Money

    Probably among the best, if not the best, and ,most interesting technical posts this year. But, more muscle? Perhaps. Reminds me of the latest Dune movie- "You've put on more muscle" "Really?" "NO" Paige does seem to be playing stronger
  2. itsasport

    Looking ahead

    I believe by the end of this season, that this year's team will be a better than next years' at the end of their season. All the freshmen, particularly Fudd, will be playing really well by the end of this year. They will be better next year. But UConn will have lost three great seniors, the...
  3. itsasport

    Which Husky Will Surprise?

    There will be playing time available for the deep bench this year against lesser opponents to rest players and or let minor injuries heal for the post-season.
  4. itsasport

    Don’t sleep on ‘sneaky’ Caroline Ducharme and how she can help the UConn women’s basketball team

    For those of us who picked her as the big surprise this year, I think some pats on our backs are in order,
  5. itsasport

    Roll Call... All Veterans...

    Infantry, 101st Airborne Division, Vietnam 1969-1970 Most likely, America's last conscript army. We were considered expendable and easily replaced. If we lost 30 KIA but 100 enemy died, that was considered a victory by our senior commanders. Not much different from the Civil War, through WWI...
  6. itsasport

    Provide a caption for this photo

    Paige, "Get off my foot!" Dorka, "Out of my way, I'm going to the hoop."
  7. itsasport

    Should Aubrey be redshirted?

    With the seniors leaving. she will a lot more valuable next year. But, she has defensive skills that made a huge impact on some important games last year. The healing of the injury will probably be the deciding factor.
  8. itsasport

    First Night Through A Dad's Lens

    Buy the Carrier Dome and rebuild it at Storrs
  9. itsasport

    How easily?

    You are among the last, literate, generation to use the "ly."
  10. itsasport

    Where Will UConn's 2022 Graduates Go in WNBA Draft?

    Obviously, it all depends on their last season. All of them could really shine this year. I think that Liv has the potential to be the top draft pick among the three,
  11. itsasport

    OT: UConn football coach Randy Edsall announces retirement [edit] Now effective immediately

    UConn was, and is, a national brand in basketball, but never football. For coaches, UConn football was just a stepping stone up to a more respected program. Even Edsall left after a modicum of success. Basketball needs only a few good players to become successful- a football team needs dozens...
  12. itsasport

    Which three players will suprise us this year and why?

    I agree with oldhuskie- Caroline Ducharme
  13. itsasport

    Werth Family UConn Basketball Champions Center > New WBB Program History Graphics

    It did not mention Maya among the top former players
  14. itsasport

    U19 World Championship Gold Medal Game 2:30 USA vs Australia

    The announcers for the game were very good. They concentrated on what was actually going on in the game (very refreshing). They said that defense won the game for the USA, and gave Fudd most of the credit because she shut down the Aussies primary scorer. Fudd also sent good passes inside. One...
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