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    Prognosticator's Game 6 (DePaul) Predictions.

    It won't be close; but, I don't think Geno will run up the score against his old friend.
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    Veterans roll call

    Vietnam Sept 69 to Sept 70 Infantryman, Company C, 1/502 Inf= 101st Airborne Division After discharge at Ft, Lewis (I think) Washington, I flew to Hartford. It was the only time I was in uniform after Vietnam. The only two reactions I got (I was expecting more) were a couple of older vets...
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    Tennessee to host UConn women’s basketball team on Jan. 21 in second game of Revival Series

    It is possible that a vaccine will be available by then. Let us hope so for the country at large
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    It’s official! Welcome back Jamelle!!

    I think Shea will want to be Head Coach and she will get it.
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    I'm like a timex watch, I just keep on ticking.........

    Holy cow, Pounchofan. I don't even know what most. of what you said means, I just hope you've had lots of sweet nurses tending to you.
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    Much appreciated.

    Great Job- But less than ten responses? What about the rest of you ingrates? Perhaps the title of the post was too obtuse- How about, "Great thanks to the Moderators"
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    OT: Movies you probably never heard of but ought to check out.

    These were will regarded at the time of release- but time flies. The Caine Mutiny, Bogart, in the role of the damaged captain, was great. In Harm's Way,,,war, no matter how necessary , is a horrible, destructive business for everyone involved, The waves crashing on the shore and score during...
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    BE Conference Commissioner Val Ackerman. No students on Campus = No Sports

    If there is no season next year. it will raise the interesting issue of all the college players essentially red shirting and then the following year a new recruiting class coming in. There would have to be a number of schools with more than the allowable scholarship players What about next...
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    It's a habit

    Such a succinct, even terse, post for TonyC
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    OT: Funniest movie and/or TV show ever

    Catch 22 (except, with the arrogance of small men, they decided to change the ending of the book) Jack Benny Show Ernie Kovacs Show Dobie Gillis Groucho Marks, You Bet Your Life And ((my all-time favorite), Black Adder Goes Forth A completely hilarious "black" comedy with perhaps the most...
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    DiJonai Carrington top-3

    She would benefit from going through the UConn system. Pro coaches really like to get players who have done so. She will get more TV exposure at UConn than at Oregon or Baylor. If she has not fully recovered or might be prone to further injury, it might be best for her to be on a team that does...
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    Muffet McGraw stepping down (merged threads)

    One thing to be said for Muffet is that she has gotten the very best out of her players. Her teams have over-achieved. Perhaps the harsh things she has said about her recent teams is that she thinks that they do not have the drive, intense desire to win and to be coached of previous years. Geno...
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    Rayah Marshall (UConn lean?)

    I do not think that it is possible anymore for one great player to carry a team close to a national championship on her back, Even in the past, only D did it. Griner couldn't do it even with a very good guard. There is way too much talent coming out of high school that are filling up the top...
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    20 Questions with Azzi and a future teammate ?

    I just made you 1776 for both messages and likes. That and a dime used to get you on the NY subway.
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    20 Questions with Azzi and a future teammate ?

    So, one does not box out and the other doesn't like contact. They are going to have some interesting practices when they (both) reach UConn.
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