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    Boneyard poll question: do you want the UConn-Tenn series continued?

    The other threads say that it was the most watched game on TV and had the largest attendance so far this season. It was, to me, very entertaining because all the missed shots resulted in exciting scraps for the ball, and, very athletic play.
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    Boneyard poll question: do you want the UConn-Tenn series continued?

    Whether it is good for WCBB can be answered by how many people, who don't normally watch WCBB, watched the game. The great value to WCBB in the past was that the game did that, Concerning UConn generally, the more decent teams on the schedule, the better, Tenn was ahead at the half...
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    Looking ahead to South Carolina

    Boston was very good, but, Miss. St should have won that game. They were ahead by six with five minutes to go and were still ahead eith 2 minutes to go until the ball was stolen from a player (who should have not been allowed to touch it), which resulted in a break away lay-up and Miss. St...
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    CW time?

    She has stepped up at the end of recent games. The one, completely unexpected, concern that Mulkey will have is- what to do about Kyla. Will she be left open at the tree point line?
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    Mike Anthony: Game Means Everything and Nothing

    The bus driver could be paid off to loop through Storrs, or to find some way of having their flight land at JFK
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    Prognosticators Game 13 (Baylor) Predictions

    UConn should be able to score a lot more points against Baylor than Oka, did and Baylor should not be able to score as much against UConn than against Okla, So, on that tenuous logic UConn 77-70. the 3's for UConn will be really important-to counter the probable advantage of Baylor 2's under...
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    How Long Can Geno Be a Great Coach? A New Perspective ...

    Geno never was THE coach, with the burden entirely on him. He has always had a co-head coach and great assistant coaches, and has built an incredible support organization. Is it too much to say that he has the best coaching and support staff in women's basketball? He is never going to lose...
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    Lets drop Notre Dame from our schedule

    And replace them with Sacred Heart? Good Lord!
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    Now Look at us.......

    It is nice to hear something somewhat positive about UConn from someone who is normally Mr. Doom and Gloom. The unexpected pieces have to be Kyla and Molly. The pass that Kyla made to Ono for a layup was absolutely astounding
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    Big East=Recruitment Advantage?

    Potential recruits, I think, want assurance that when they eventually arrive at their chosen school that they will have a good shot at championships or, at least the Final Four, during their college career. No other school has a been able to achieve that. Look how far even ND can fall. When the...
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    Big East=Recruitment Advantage?

    Trips to west and south will be heavy in future OOC schedules. But, the great players will always travel to the Mecca of basketball,
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    Fudd at game today

    The present and future Head Coach,
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    Uconn to #1 Watch

    The big thing to me is that Oregon and Baylor are not as good as everyone thought.
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    Coombs's Waiver Petition Denied

    I really do not know why she decided to leave, She would have had a lot of playing time because she could have provided very needed defense on a team that Geno says can't play defense. She was a solid dribbler and could attack the basket. Well, C'est la vie
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    Can this team get Crystal on the WALL?

    What UConn has lacked lately is a stopper on defense. The traditional player who neutralized the opponent's best player. I think that Crystal has the physical ability to do that. Also lacking was a real center who could defend the basket and enable the defenders to take some chances. Ono will...